~This is also an old one dedicated to someone I have loved and lost. We
shared everything but what I wanted to have the most. I' am sorry Eric.~

Don't feel my pain

I turn away running blindly
through white washed halls with shades of gray
No colors
no rainbow
no love, and even if there was
I wont share my pain

It is mine
I close my eyes
and lock it safely with in
they cant touch it there
they may try
but fake smiles is not the key
I wont share my pain
The sun
No friendlier to bare feet
I have found escape
The light is blinding but I don't care
I hit the street
Feet slapping
hard blows to uncaring land
they bleed
but I wont share my pain

I hear the traffic
but cant see through tear clouded eyes
I run any way then I fly
I feel myself air born
Spread my winds
but they have molted
the ground greets me with a blow
revenge for those my feet gave it
I close my eyes and welcome death
And I wont share my pain.

Its all mine
Cold steel wet with life's liquids
And I don't care
There is nothing left for me
but I ve been brought back
no escaping this time
no easy way out
I have pain but I cant feel it
They've blocked it for now
but haven't stolen its flame
its still mine they may touch it
but they can never have it
I wont share my pain

I close my eyes
And for the first time I see
Colors like lightning
Flashing in a void of darkness
My fire fly rainbow
Flashing, flashing
Head trauma
Brain damage
I wont share my pain

I feel the tears but
I can see through them
Pale faces fading
Darkness edging in
Head trauma ..internal.
Bleeding ,red tinged vision
Color has returned
along with the pain
heads shaking reaching ,reaching
dull ness ,shades of gray
the pain is still mine
their hands are empty.
My eyes are empty
my soul is gone
I wont share my pain