Perhaps this is the last time, then.

In Our Sleep

kill your television, they
say - with voices that threaten
thunder -
this life was meant to
be preserved (they poke
at hidden pressure points
as they say this), not
discarded -

"Purgatory is not Inferno!
the Earth is not a living Hell.
just because we inhabit
abandoned buildings doesn't
mean we have to model
our own hearts after
them. This is not Hell. This
is not Hell."

kill your brain - without any sort
of explanation - so you
don't think these morbid

next week:
kill your eyes (a much
harder task now that television
is not available) so you can't
see lies spilling from the
mouths of children, and while
you're at it,
kill your ears too, so you
can't hear the venom
seeping in from underneath the
cellar door.

"Paradise waits with open jaws,
with white clackity-clacks they
record your
maiden name
previous medication
blood pressure
as if Paradise were harmful to
the health. but then again,
Paradise is the real Inferno."

one last trick:
we wake up only to
continue dying (the natural way).

chut up. I just watched Donnie Darko. can you really blame me?