I hate this world
Can't afford the distraction
So world, you better go away
I need the money
Spent my last coins on food
I got to get the grades
Cuz I'm falling behind
Don't have the time
Or the inclination
To work anyway
Don't want to spend my life this way
I hate you
You say I dream too big
It's just cuz you're world's so small
I'm trapped in it
Your stupid world
This stupid song
It's just wrong
Just call me a dreamer
Dismiss me as a screamer
Leave me to die
Punish me anew
Because no matter what
It's not enough for you
Don't care
Don't want to be your wife
Don't want that car, that job
That empty life
Not in the mood
For nine to five
Cuz everyday
I wanna wake up and feel alive
Don't want fame and fortune
Don't want money
Don't want candy
Don't want honey
I just want to live
Do what I wanna do
And it's my life
So it's not about you
Highlighters on the page
Which is lined and ruled
Hate the lines
I hate the lines
The boundaries
The limits
The rules
The stupid lessons
Learnt in schools
Teach me life
I want to learn
Teach me fire
I want to burn
Teach me
Teach me
Teach me
I hate the insignificance
Of quadratic equations
Or revolutions
And direct relations
When do we learn how to love?
How to care
How to smile
Who cares about status or personal style?
When do you teach children about the world?
When do you give the greatest gift of education?
The fire and passion
For love, life and edification
When will you teach us something worth learning in school?
Something to sustain us in life that's cool
I don't wanna know about Science
And Maths
And English
And I don't care where the rivers are in Syria
I don't want to know where the biggest mountain lies in South America
I want to climb the Andes
I want to write a book
I want to visit Beethoven's grave
I want to live
I want it real
I want to live
And I want to feel
I don't want to remember facts
I want to learn about history
I want to create it
So today Miss
Today Sir
Could we just sit and listen?
Listen to life?
Could we take the time to learn our own way?
Could we perhaps have some time to breathe?
There's a whole world of sights
And to see them is free
So today
Could we take some time to be?