Hi everyone,

So I did a dirty to everyone who ever commented, followed, and encouraged my work, and just plain stopped updating without an explanation. Which is super annoying and which, as a fan of a number of stories which have never reached a conclusion myself, I know is super frustrating.

I'm sorry.

I know that doesn't cut it. I actually had a quick squiz of some sold reviews and noted someone had said that it had been ten years since I'd last updated…and this was in 2015. I was shocked because, you know, it's 2022 now. I was about 16 when I posted my last chapter (oh shoot, my math is bad, please forgive me if I'm 1 or 2 years off), and I'm 32 now. So…yeah.

At 16/17 I hit this cynical moment of realisation of how could I keep writing about something I'd never written about myself? In truth, I was starting to get to the part of the story where Ric and Meggin were beginning to develop feelings for each other and I blanked – I plain had no idea, and as has been a common theme for the rest of my life, instead of learning How-to-do-the-thing, I freaked about Not-Knowing-How-To-Do-The-Thing and avoided Doing-The-Thing. Then I hit a rough patch of my life and that just got me not wanting to update, I was so down all the time. Then I wanted to start writing again but my worry about not being good enough because I'd spent so long not writing stopped me from writing.

Then I got to the point where I realised so many parts of my story were no longer relevant – I mean, these days you don't need to stalk people in person. You just stalk them on Facebook (*cough* not that I've ever done that ever nope not me, no sirree). And also, damn, reading back, so many things are just…kinda ick and not okay.

I want to finish this story. I owe it to everyone who supported me, and to my high school self who started writing on Fictionpress for the sheer love of writing, and I owe it to anyone out there who is still waiting for an update (I mean, I doubt there are many, but if you're out there, bless you).

I kinda want to leave this story as-is on this account though. Because I'm a sucker for hanging on to memories. (No joke, I still have text messages and photos from 2012 on my phone. I have to delete apps on my phone just so I can keep all of them. I used to keep all of my MSN – haha, thems were the days – chat logs, for crying out loud. Yowsers.)

But I'm trying to finish A Cliché Waiting to Happen, and it will happen dammit. Although it's kind of a newer iteration, without Ric's POV. So I understand if that's not your dealio. But if you're interested, I'd love to re-meet you. Find me at /~viviennedegran and drop me a PM. I'm better at keeping on track of things now, I promise. Life has been fun.

With love and apologies and gratitude for you.

Formerly springish.