Only You

The hourglass stands upon the edge of a windowsill

Measuring the time from my beginning

And slowly counting down

Until the time of my sweet, lonely demise.

I stare.




For when the time will finally come.

Sands pour from the top to the bottom.

I scrutinize it,

To see if there is anything

That is blocking it from

Counting out my time.

My mortality hangs in the

Sands of this hourglass

As long as it keeps running,

I'll keep living.


Why do I have this strong desire

To knock it down from its perch?

Am I toying with myself?

Will I really die?

Should I even dare to try it?

I reach for it.

A voice calls from behind me,


I turn around.

And you are there.

Tears stream silently

From your piercing eyes.

You rush over

And embrace my in your arms.

"Don't do it."

You bury your face in my hair.

You breathe deep,

And it feels as if you took

A part of my soul

And melded it with yours.

You soft embrace.

It led my to forget everything.

My sorrow.

My suffering.

My pain.

They all faded away because of you.

You were there

You always have.

Through thick an thin.

You stayed by my side.

Now I know..

You are my reason for existence.

My reason to live.

My life.

My soul.

My love.

All I am now is for

Only you.