So many sad and depressed
Seeing the knife as freedom
Never stopping to think
Of who they are hurting

Maybe it was a single thing
Or a series of events
Whatever it was
It made them flip

They go to a dark corner
Crying to themselves
Holding a knife
Pressing to the flesh

So many teens
With so much depression
When will it stop?
Or will it ever?

You have choices in life
You could take the easy way
And end it all
When things get rough

Or you could tough it out
Live through the pain
And learn how to put
These things in the past

They need to understand
We're given only one chance
So make the most of it
Because you've only got one shot

Don't get caught
In the moments of pain
Push it behind you
And live for the best

(A/N: As I said in the title, this is dedicated to all those who are depressed. I hope you find your light and make it through because I found mine.

Things that happened in the past have no place in the future. The future has no place in the present. Live life as it is handed to you and always be determined to make the most of it.)