I Wonder.

I lay here in my bed at night
While silent tears I shed
The promises and things you told me
Running through my head

I wonder if you loved me
For you said it so sincere
Or if everything was all a lie
Just to keep me near

I wonder, if that is the truth
And lies were what you told
How I could've cared so very much
For someone who is so cold

I wonder if you think about
How you've made me feel so dead
Was that really the price I had to pay
So you could get me into bed?

I wonder if you will regret
All the hearts you break
I know I'm not the first, or last
Whose innocence you'll take

I wonder why I think of you
And of all the things we shared
Though I know that it was all a fraud
That you never really cared

And now I find myself wondering
If this pain will ever end
But I know deep inside I'll be alright
And that my heart will mend

For I know I have the strength inside
To carry on each day
Because when I find my one true love
This pain will fade away