Leslie walked to school alone that morning. Martina hadn't shown up at her house, which worried her even more. On the way to school, she passed Angela and Mike's house. The police were crawling all over the place. Mrs. Duvall, Martina's mother, was standing there crying as one of the police officers explained to her that Martina hadn't been missing that long, and she could easily be out somewhere having fun.

That day in school, Leslie couldn't concentrate on a single thing. At lunch, she sat inside the cafeteria. The sky was gray and it looked like there was about to be some thunder and lightning. She sat at a table with Kerri and Felicia, but couldn't eat. What if something really horrible had happened to Martina? It was all her fault. She knew it was a bad idea to go to a party where everyone was older and probably drinking and doing drugs.

Suddenly, Leslie saw Ethan and Paul enter. They sat at a nearby table, but barely talked to one another. They looked exhausted and worn out. She guessed they had partied too hard the night before. Leslie couldn't stop herself from approaching them to ask if they knew where Martina was.

She walked over and pushed her long hair behind her shoulder. "Hey," she said to both of them. She then stared right at Ethan. "You went to the party last night. Do you know what happened to Martina?"

Ethan looked to Paul for help, but turned back to Leslie. "Who? I wasn't at any party last night. Sorry, I can't help you, girlie."

"Don't give me that," she challenged. "I know you were there, and I know you invited her, so cut the crap and tell me the truth."

Ethan's face became harsh as he looked at her. "Listen, get out of here. I don't know what you're talking about," he said angrily. Paul watched on fearing that Ethan would lose his temper and say something he would regret.

Leslie walked away furiously. How dare they lie to her face like that? She knew that they had something to do with Martina's disappearance and she would figure out what happened if it killed her.

That night Martina's picture was on the news. She was officially a missing person now. Leslie sighed and went into her room. She needed to study if she was going to get an A in biology. She laid down on her stomach and opened her textbook. Almost immediately she fell asleep. She woke up four hours later in a cold sweat. She had her dream again. But this time something was different. She immediately picked up her phone and called Martina's house. Her mother answered on the first ring.

"Mrs. Duvall, it's Leslie. I'm sorry to call you this late, but I remembered something. Did the police look for Martina at Paul's cabin?"

There was silence on the other end of the line as Mrs. Duvall frantically scribbled down what Leslie had said. She hung up the phone and Leslie was confident that she had called the police immediately thereafter.