They are so powerful
They can set you on fire
Knocking out your strength
And all the confidence you acquire
They can rip you apart easily
Tearing you up piece by piece
They being merciless, continue to do this
Even if you beg them to cease
They can put you in rage
Making you vengeful and hate
But they can also make you put you in their shoes
Making you feel sympathy to what you can relate
They can make your life wonderful
So that the day is yours to enjoy
They can also take a turn, making it miserable
Leaving you frustrated and annoyed
They are free
To do as they desire
Yet we can take over them
If we have the skills required
You are given a choice
To be conquered or to be ruled
I for one like to conquer
I'm nobody's fool
These weapons cannot harm you in terms of blood
That may sound absurd
Until I tell you that these weapons
Are simply words.