Hmm? Someone's There?
When life gets to much to bear,
And you think you're all alone,
Think again. There's always someone there.
Oh, sometimes, you may not feel Them near.
But if you talk to Them, They always hear.
They'll dry your tears, and mend your broken heart.
They'll give you a helping hand,
When you don't know where to start.
If you've got a problem, anything at all,
Don't be afraid. They'll pick you up if you fall.
Many try to deny it, while many know it's true.
Trust me, They're -always- there for you.
People wonder what I'm talking about.
You're probably wondering it, too.
But if you don't know now, you will one day.
Trust me, They'll show Themselves to you.
When times get rough and you think you're all alone,
Don't despair, They're there! You may not believe me,
But They call your heart their home.
I know what some of you are thinking,
This person's insane. She's got no clue what she's saying!
Oh, but I do! You see, to find Them,
You've got to dig deep inside.
For when you look, They're always there.
They do not try to hide.
Maybe, some of you by now know Who I'm talking about?
Maybe some of you still think I'm out of my mind.
If you do know, you'll know all I say is true.
If you don't, keep waiting. I'll soon tell you.
You see, I know firsthand.
In times of pain, in times of strength,
In times of sickness, in times of health,
If times of happiness, in times of sorrow.
I've learned They're always there.
Always. They don't say, "Oops! Sorry, I'm busy!
Come back tomorrow!"
No, They're there. He's there. Just look deeper.
Just open your heart; let Them in.
I promise you, things can only get better if you do.
Now, to answer the question on everyone's mind,
It's the Lord I speak of. Jesus Christ, the Savior of me.
And of you.