Cleanse Me

The bright red blood runs down my arm

Scarlet drops fall to the floor

Is that all for now?

Or will I bleed a little more?

Why can't you leave me alone?

Why can't you understand?

Can't you see I'm set in stone?

You will not sway my hand

The pain is what makes it real

But I know I have only just begun

Sometimes the pain is all I can feel

And then I know that justice is being done

I can never be like you

You will never be like me

You are both pure and true

I am nothing, I am impurity

You tell me to stop

I don't care what you say

For me do not shed a single drop

The end will come soon anyway…

When it is all said and done

When I am spent upon the floor

I will not be the only one

For there are many, many more…