Taste the pills ive taken
* brought to you by the makers of Migraine*

The fights the hounds
the sights and sounds
the gangs the guns
blowing in.
five rings
four rims
three girls
two pearls
one endless life
look in my eyes see all the pain
laugh at the stress ain't it a shame
such crimes committed so what I did it
sue me lock me up if you can
ill be the man and run for my life
hide in the dark you see me?
No, that's a start

Children on the walls smiles on their faces
teeth in braces guns in hidden places
ready to blast take your life
run with it dear god
do you see what you created
put them down let them roam free
little brothers and sisters leave the light, come to me
am I a savior ? No but I do what I hold right
am I an angel? no but I'll protect you in the night
am I a bad man ?No in the image of god I am made
was he a bad man ? who cares he's dead
and we're living our lives .

Run from the sirens run from the lights
Run from the smiling faces
Evil in the night
Run children
Run like you're having fun
Run free shed sins
Run from innocence
Run like you killed a man ,he's coming for revenge

Do you see these hated eyes
Blood shot from lack of sleep
do you feel the ground a shaking
taste the pills I ve taken yuck
do you see the skies
red and black broad in day light
can you hear the voices
"pray baby pray "
that's the voice of my mamma
pleading night and day
begging and beggin
" god Return him to the light!"
but as you see I didn't leave it
I was abandoned, left for dead
Tossed into the night
Id assuredly be mislead
But oh there was no thought
that maybe id take over it
run this place of darkness
pimp the pits of hell
"My brimstones are hot
the finest you will see
come to the hot springs
enjoy the ice tea
Hehe hehe"

Giggle like I am crazy
Smile when you think I lie
Look into my eyes
Watch me plot you DIE
Bitch die Ill stab you with a spoon
ill gorge out your eye
running like I am on the moon

can you see me floating ?
the sky is so nice and clear
the ground but a vision
green and gray from up here
wow , this is fun I m like a bird I fly
how's it go again?
Oh well the ground is coming
I think ill meet it .
The end.