Why does wolf

howl at the moon?

Nobody knows

Why does cat

stalk his own shadow?

Nobody knows

Why does bear

sleep through winter?

Nobody knows

But I am Nobody,

so I know.

The lonely wolf howls at that far off place,

for he's wishing he could be there and

free from the pull of this life

The same reason I cry at sunset.

The lost cat stalks his own darkened image,

wishing for another of his kind,

so he wouldn't have to be alone

The same reason I cry at night.

The loving bear lays in slumber all winter,

for this world is a place of pain and suffering

and in sleep he's away in another land

The same reason I cry at dawn.

And why do I cry all through the day?

That truly,

Only Nobody Knows.


I wrote this a couple of years ago and have edited it some, fixed some grammer and cleaned up the format, so here it is again. I was thinking of perhaps adding another stanza before the and why do I cry all through the day section - another animal comparison, but this time one that like the daytime crying couldn't be explained. What do you all think of that idea?