My unicorn is rather fox-like, so here's a poem about him/her/it.

My unicorn,
different from any other,
come take me away,
on your russet red back
with a swish of your busy fox tail
and a wave of
your topaz horn
we'll gallop away,
straight through the sunset,
to a place much better,
your lean equine body,
steady and sturdy,
underneath me,
fox paws pounding,
silently, swiftly,
black tipped ears,
swiveling in my direction,
listening to me above all else,
my dreams, my hopes and fears,
no need for a golden bridle, for control,
we'll run wild and free, in trust
in each others' hearts
take me away to where there's no
life, no death
just now and here,
this one single moment, forever