Ever look up at the stars and get a terrible feeling of homesickness and longing, as if that was were you belonged. I have many a-time and this is a poem about if I was really a star-child.

I lay on my back,
in the dark grassy field,
the radiant moon above,
Star Child, she sings to me,
Child of Stars, leave that Earth,
come back to me.
Star Child, Star Child,
hark, your name I call,
you're not meant for that dull rock,
but heavens high above.
Where Sun Father and Nova Sister
and I Moon Mother,
wait for you to join.
Star Child, Child of Stars,
you've always been different,
alone and outside.
Come home to me Star-Child,
Come be mine,
for here beyond your limited view,
all denziens of the celestial world wait,
for their Star-Child to return.
Your true beauty will shine here,
from galaxt to galaxy.
Star Child, please come home,
and be finally free!
But, how? I whisper,
Close your eyes Star-Child.
Leave that dirt-world far behind.
Travel with your heart and you'll find me.
I ran to Moon Mother,
high up in the night sky,
as my body lay in a distant field,
the amazingly radiant, beaming moon,
watching over head as it slept.