Transcending all things,

I'm disconnected from my body
Cadaver, the transient being that was me has left
and it watches from glazed eyes
Focused on something beyond this world
Do they see me ? those eyes?
yes but who are they
and why do they look so hard
I'm gone for a reason
and yet they pry

Silent imploring
Urging me to release my soul
to be captured by their gaze
not this time world
I smile as I ascend
Heaven ward ? no
Heaven is for the living
I'm returning to the universe
My matter will be your matter
My thoughts transcend all thing
Energy doesn't die it lives forever
In forms passed on

I am the river yet also the sky
And the starts and the rippling grass
I am the wind and the clouds rushing by
And also the rocks and the creatures who die
We all once were but now we've returned .
my old body is long gone but its effects still linger.
Those that came from it live on
The grass those feet crushed has returned to the earth
Along with discarded flesh
I am free now
Free to be all that there is and ever was
The next state of being
The cycle continues
and I pray this time to be a tree