by White Wolf

Cannons thunder in your ears.

Rifle flashes light your path.

Men are running, falling, dying.

Crimson blood stains the earth.

Death is all around.

But look--there--can it be?

In the midst of all of this,

There lies a valley.

Serene, quiet, in a hazy mist of glory.

The air is peaceful, still and fresh.

Birds are singing. Deer are feeding.

God's creatures know no fear.

But, wait. That can't be here.

That is a time and place far from now.

That is a dream of coming years.

A dream for those who will know no wars.

But, this is war.

No time to stop. No time to rest.

Get up! Push on!

Now, we must fight. Now, we must win.

So, this bloody battlefield will someday be

That peaceful valley.