What would love mean if there was no hate?
How would one feel sympathy without experiencing heartbreak?
If there were no rainy days, what would be the significance of the sun
If it were not for storms, we'd never see a silver lining.
What would make of a rainbow without the rain?
How would you know comfort without going through pain?
If there were no punishments, what would mercy mean?
Without sin, what would be the action of coming clean?
If there were no enemies, what would friends be?
If you were never sad, how would you feel happy?
If life was fair, everyone would be the same.
There'd be no glory, fortune, or fame.
What value would life be without death?
Everything would be hollow with nothing in depth.
How would life be if it were a walk in the park?
How would we appreciate light, without dark?
What would be beautiful, if nothing was ugly?
Would anything be appreciated for looking lovely?
If there were no broken promises, how would we learn to trust?
If there were no bad experiences, how would we learn what we must?
How would people feel if life was filled with goodness and nothing but?
We'd all be bored, that's what!