Epilogue Smyrna, Delaware, 2011

"Mom, can we put some of the wildflowers in that graveyard over there?" Twelve-year-old Laila asked her mother.
"Sure," Her mother answered, holding tight to the leash their golden retriever, Sport, was on. "Wow, this is an old one."
Mother and daughter were taking the dog for a walk on Summer day as they passed by the ancient looking cemetery.
"How old is it, do you think?" Laila asked.
"Well, I don't know," Her mother answered. "Lets look at some of the grave stones."
The two (and the dog) approached a row of old, chipped gray tombstones. Some had a yellowy mold growing on them.
"Look at this one, mom!" Laila exclaimed. "This guy died in 1782!" She walked on. "And this one! This lady died in 1764! Wow, these ARE old!"
"Yeah," Her mother agreed, staring into space. Laila, fascinated, walked along the rows of stones, reading each one.
"Hey, mom, look!" Laila exclaimed, pointing to an old stone. "This woman's name was Raleigh C. Moore."
The girl's mother jerked into attention.
"What?" She asked in surprise.
"Look!" Laila said. Her mother walked towards the stone and looked.
"Raleigh C. Moore, born 1686, died 1786. Loving wife and mother of Miriam, Faith, Jeremiah, Joshua, Rebecca, and June. God was with her." Her mother read aloud.
"Think maybe Raleigh had a time machine?" Laila joked.
"Amazing...." Her mother said, in awe. "I have never heard of a woman named Raleigh in historical times."
"I think I'll put all my flowers here," Laila said. "Even though this probably isn't my sister, I'll pretend it is. Where do you think she is now, mom? Where do you think she ran off to years ago? Do you ever wonder?"
"Laila, honey," Her mother said. "I think that your sister is in heaven."
"You really think she died?" Laila asked with concern.
"Yes, but not young." Her mother answered, smiling down at the tombstone in front of her and then at the sky. "She lived to be one hundred years old."
"What?" Laila asked in surprise.
"Her story was true," Her mother answered, smiling up at the sky.
"What?" Laila asked again.
"Take care of her, Lord." Her mother whispered to the sky. "I love you, Raleigh."