Chapter One

I've always wondered why life is so cruel. How absolutely nothing goes right at any given time. How some people have it all, and how the ones expected to have a great life, always have tears down their cheeks every night. Why was I one of those people? Why was I born the way I was? Why was fate so cruel to place me in a life that isn't welcome among anyone or anywhere? Why was I born what I am? Such questions that I ask myself can only be answered in silence. Silence. Nothing else.

But, there is a question that can be answered, and that is what I am. I am a magical oracle. But, I am different. I wasn't born with the power; I wasn't born an oracle. I was created, as I call it. I am the result of a scientific experiment. Yeah, a lab - rat.. I know how wrong that sounds, but it's the truth. I still remember that day before I was the person I am today. I still remember the Oracle Treatment Agency that had ruined my once perfect life.

I was sixteen at the time, at rotten old Midnight High School. I was sitting in the back row of my homeroom, Mr. Klein's room. I always hated him, and yet year after year, he was the one who was my homeroom teacher. "Lucky" me. And to make matters worse, every year was the same. He'd call out the names, then suddenly . . .

"Spiral, Manasatae?"

"Right here," I'd moan.

"Aw, Manasatae! Welcome back."

"Thank you, Mr. Klein."

"I remember way back when you were a freshman . . ."

And then he'd drone on about all those embarrassing details you wouldn't get caught dead uttering. Stuff like, "I remember when you got lost trying to find room 232, and you were right next to it! But, the 3 had been worn off, so it say 2_2, and you were so confused" or "I remember the time when there was a knock on my door, and it was your mother. She had brought you your lunch that you had forgotten aimlessly on your dresser."

That always made my first day of school the best. I had so many people come up to me to be my best friend. My popularity was a guarantee after those memories brought back from Mr. Klein. NOT!! And I just waited for this year's "friendships" to pop out at me.

"What did you pack for lunch today, Spiral?" some obnoxious geek with glasses asked. "Oh, that's right. Your mommy packs your lunch for you!" and the class snickered. But, being the bold brunette I am, and the heartless one, all I needed to do was fire back, and it was finished.

I smiled. I glanced down at his binder and saw his name written in bold, black, Sharpie marker: Ronald Weezler. I had him. He wouldn't be able to do anything now.

"Ronald," I said sweetly. "Ya know, I've always wanted to be with a guy that's such a bad boy, who'd openly snicker at a hilarious memory from the past. And mm! You are just my material." I looked him up and down then smiled.

Ronald was such a geek. He immediately dropped the lunch issue and turned around in his desk so he could see me.

"Well, you know, Manasatae, I've been eyeing you this entire time," he said.

Yes! I thought. He said my first name. I had him.

"You are a sexy babe. Why don't we ditch after Mr. Klein's and head over and have lunch together?" He looked me up and down and just smiled. Oh, the wheels were turning in his head.

I moaned openly. "Oh, say my name again!" I closed my eyes, as if I were imaging a big ice cream sundae.

"Manasatae," he whispered quietly.

"Say it again!"




I opened my eyes. "Oh, Ronald! You are the sweetest guy I've ever met."

I heard someone giggling behind me. I turned my head around a bit and noticed it was by two girls I knew, Dimona and Amanda. They knew me, and they knew what was coming.

"Go, Manasatae!" Amanda whispered to me excitedly.

I grinned. I had permission to embarrass this one-line-pickup kid without mercy. I absolutely loved being me.

Ronald just grinned at me. He reached out and ran his thumb down along my jaw. His hand went down my neck and would've gone farther, but I pulled back.

"No, we can't, Ronald," I said.

"Why not, baby?"

"According to you, I'm just a little girl," I said firmly.

"Nah, babe. I was just messing with you."


"Promise, babe."

I grinned and smiled sweetly.

"C'mon, Manasatae Spiral. I can make it good with you. I can make you feel so good, babe."

I looked down. "I don't know.." I stalled.

"Baby, I was just playing when I said you were a mommy's girl. We both know that you are a grownup lady. Just by looks we can tell," he eyed me again.

I looked up.

"Come on, baby. Don't make me have to wait on you."

"Wait for me? That's real sweet, Ronald."

He grinned and sat back, waiting for the rest of the assumed apology.

"But, I just don't think that I'm your type."

"What do you mean, babe?"

"Well, for one thing, I don't hang around little kids," I snapped. I picked up his binder and threw it across the room. "Second of all, I don't like hypocrites."

His face turned bright red. "I ain't no hypocrite!" he yelled.

"Oh really?" I got up, walked across the room, picked up the binder, and went up to Mr. Klein, who was smiling a huge grin.

"Mr. Klein?" I asked.

"Yes, Ms. Spiral?"

"Will you please read the top of this binder? What does it say?" I handed him the binder.

Mr. Klein took it, chuckling to himself quietly. He knew she had won already.

"It says, Ms. Spiral, Ronald Weezler."

My eyes opened wide. "Will you please repeat that?"

"It says Ronald Weezler, Ms. Spiral."

Ronald blushed even redder until his face was a bright, crimson-red.

"And one more thing, Mr. Klein," I said.

"Yes, Ms. Spiral?" Mr. Klein looked over his glasses.

"Did you by chance overhear the conversation in the back row?"

"Yes, I do believe so," he grinned.

"And judging by Ronald's name written across here . . . " I looked at Ronald and smiled a nasty smile, which sent Dimona and Amanda into hysterical laughing.

"Mr. Klein, I do believe you've had Mr. Weezler in this room before, am I not correct?" I asked, facing Mr. Klein again.

"No, you are correct, Ms. Spiral," he said. "I have had him before."

"Has he turned in his schedule to you today?"

"Yes." He removed a slip of paper with 'Ronald Weezler' in bold letters from a stack of files.

"Do you recognize Ronald's handwriting as of this binder?"

Mr. Klein studied the binder closely and compared the two handwritings as if he couldn't tell I had won.

"No," he stated. "They are not the same."

"Really," I faked shock. "Well, then. Who's could it possibly be? Definitely not his mother's, I presume."

Mr. Klein smiled faintly. He looked at the parental signature at the bottom.

"No, Ms. Spiral. You are absolutely correct. The handwriting is clearly belongs to Mrs. Weezler."

"Thank you, Mr. Klein," I smiled.

I turned back around, walked down the isle, and sat down in my desk. I turned back to Ronald, Mr. Crimson Oops-Did-I-Bring-This. I slapped the binder down hard, and he jumped.

"I'm so sorry, Ronald. Maybe we can go out on a later date. Is that alright with you?" I sneered.

"Fine . . fine . .," he stammered out.

The bell rang, releasing Ronald from his humiliation. Undoubtedly, he was the first one out of the door.

I smiled. I gathered my books and stood up. Mr. Klein beamed down at me.

"Yet another victim has died at your hands," he commented.

"No thanks to you," I snapped.

"Hey!" He held up his hands. "I merely wished -"

"To make the hot-head side of me to come out," I finished sharply.

"Not at all," he cooed. "These students need to be put in their places. And who better than by you?"

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or a referral to the deans' office for verbal abuse," I spit out.

If Mr. Klein felt my bite, he didn't give notice. He just stared down at me with his intent blue eyes.

I squirmed. I brushed past him, but instead of letting me leave, he caught my arm.

"Ms. Spiral," he said.

"What, Mr. Klein?" I said, thoroughly annoyed.

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Other than explaining an RPC on my first day to my parents and being grounded, I can't think of anything."

He chuckled. "I'm not going to write you up, Ms. Spiral."

I was speechless. He never let students get away for verbal fights, especially when he became involved.

"You aren't?" I eyed him.

"No, I'm not."

"Why, Mr. Klein, if I may -"

"Please, call me Jim," he interrupted.

"Jim," I said hesitantly. "Why won't you write me up? You had no problem doing that to me the other three years I've had you."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Call it a change of policy."

"I highly doubt that."

"A change of mind."

"I'm leaving."

"A change of heart."

I stared. Something was clearly wrong with him. In all the three years I've had him, never once had he'd been so . . . nice to any students. Not even graduated students who came back to visit.

He was still holding my arm.

"Please let me go," I whispered. "I'm going to be late to class."

"Ms. Spiral, you never did answer if you're doing anything tonight."

"Well, now that I know I won't be grounded, I still can't think of anything."

He smiled. "Good. Come back to this room once sixth period is dismissed."

"Okay," I muttered.

He let go of my arm, and I raced to class. I had just barely sat down when the late bell rang. I made it in the nick of time.

I exhaled slowly and tossed my hair back. I eased into my seat and scanned the room for friendly faces. I caught someone's eye. Unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasant sight. It was Ronald Weezler from homeroom. He was sitting two rows across my me exactly.

"I'll get you, Spiral," he hissed.

I puckered my lips, kissed my fingertips, and patted my buttocks. I laughed when his face turned red.

"Spiral, Mannatae?" the teacher called out.

"It's Manasatae," I corrected. "I'm here."

"Weezler, Ronald."

"Here," he snapped. He glared at me again.

I just tossed my head back and grinned. Maybe this year won't be too boring, I grinned to myself. Yes . . . this year should prove most interesting.

I sat back and listened as the teacher explained the course.