I fear love,

Just as I fear being loved by another.

I'm terrified of rejection,

But even more terrified of acceptance.

I am more comfortable with being put down,

Than I am with being complimented.

I am scared of people in general,

They all seem to see things in me,

That I myself am blind to.

I care about many,

But don't like to be cared about in return.

Romantic things make me happy,

Except for when they involve me.

Why I fear these things,

I don't know.

My friends say I fear commitment,

But it's not the commitment that I fear.

I am fully amendable to commitment,

But I just can't stand the thought of someone being committed to me.

In my eyes,

I'm not worth it.

I don't understand,

Why I can't see,

What everyone else does.

What is so amazing about me?

I just want to be able,

To put aside the fear.

To stop running,

When someone does care.