Sadly, no, this is not a real update to the story; it is a crappy old author's announcement.

I'm sorry to disappoint ESPECIALLY after not updating this for so long.

I just can't write it right now.


I'm burned out.

Writer's block.

Couldn't write a decent chapter even if someone told me how to write it.

Any way you feel like putting it, plainly, I just suck horribly.

I've written my way into a wall. The plot is going nowhere from my standpoint. I can't seem to get it moving in the correct direction.

So please bear with me.

I'm not giving up. This story is my little baby. *pets it*

But I will be taking a really long break from this story. I need to rethink how I did things.

Eventually, chapters one and two will be replaced by an even better version of themselves. Hell, to make it up to you, they will be LONG chapters. ^_^

I really hope you all understand. I'm just really confused with this for now. I can't force myself to write something when I feel it's crappy or I may just get so annoyed with it and delete it later. And what's better? Waiting it out and getting a really good story or getting short, crappy little nonsense updates only to find out I've once again written into a wall and just decide to give up?

So I think you're getting it now.

Thanks for being patient and not throwing your keyboards at me in rage. And those of you who do want to throw your keyboards at me in rage. uh. I'm not home right now. and uh. I won't be home for uh. a couple of years. Yeah. So uhm. you'll have to wait like, fifteen years. Yeah.

^_^ Lot's of love, Tk (Sunday, August 8, 2004)