Sorry Another Author's Note!!!!

Note: I swear that this is the last author's note for a long long time! After some people reviewed and basically told me that it was really unfair to leave everyone hanging where I have left off, I decided that I am going to continue with the fanfic.

Just please, please, PLEASE be patient. I need some time to go back and re- read what I have wrote, and I also need some time to plan out what is going to happen next. I just need a couple of more science classes(where I usually am struck with great ideas for the story), and nights(Where at least for an hour I am assuaged with more ideas for my fics). After this I should be able to write another chapter, though how good it is going to be I have no idea since I post the last chapter sometime in, I think it was June or July.

Thanks for your patience! And I am estimating the next chapter will be up in two weeks at the most, probably not even that.