Forever Yours, Hel

Norse Senna

Rai Kamishiro

Dear Esteemed Uncle Odin.

How is Asgard? Things are rather... dismal here in Hell, but I think I can manage well. Knowing that my being here will bring great rewards for both Asgard and Midgard both moves me beyond what words can say. My heart greatly long for the day when the giants are vanquished and we all, Gods and humans, can breathe lightly and feel the warm sun above.

I have seen Jörmungand once; he dropped by moments ago with a new hand for Tyr. I... cannot express my opinions of how you handled that case as you requested, for I am biased by visions of my brother. I only hope this gift of Jörmungand's can at least partially make up for the rashness of both our families.

Speaking of such, have you seen my Father, Loki? We have been trying to contact him for some time now, but he is apparently out sulking. I hope I can visit you all soon I as I may, when my work here is finished. Perhaps we could go on a picnic? We haven't had a family outing in quite some time. Please send my love to all, and tell them that I miss them.

Forever Yours,

Hellia, your ever loving niece

Dear Uncle Odin

I'm happy to hear of how Tyr's new hand is working out fine. I hear my father has been up to his old tricks again. I implore you to tell Siff I apologize greatly for the loss of her gold hair, and I will be sure to reprove my father greatly for his impertinence.

Jörmungand seems not to be himself today, some of the underlings have suggested that he has been poisoned, but I think it a ridiculous idea. Who would want to poison my brother? We have no enemies, and none can enter my realm to harm those I love. I think he may have by perchance caught a cold. I think I may put him in a vat of boiling water to relax, and hopefully recover in time.

Yours in Unquestionable Faith,

Hellia, your loving niece

PS. When do you think it would be proper of me to reemerge from down here? The darkness is quite... disturbing.

Dear Odin

Gladdened is one of the foremost emotions I feel for all of you now, with the return of Siff's hair, and I thank you for the throne, but I have terrible news. My poor brother Jör is horribly sick. I have not been able to find a cure for him. I think it may be an appalling tropical disease he caught swimming somewhere down south. I am frantic with worry, and yet the work has kept me from tending to him day and night. The monsters have been complaining of the extreme heat down here, but I feel it is the only way to keep Jör comfortable. He is possessed with a great shivering fever that leaves him cold inside, hot out.

Yours in Love,

Hellia, your niece

PS. When Jörmungand feels better, I would very much like to visit.

Dear Odin

Jörmungand is only steadily getting worse... He all but sears the hand when you touch him, and he is constantly complaining of an ice cold grip on his whole body, in both human form and as a serpent.

He thrashes uncontrollably as a snake, so we tied him to the bed, where the poor thing suffers . . .

My heart is heavy with grief, and I could not bear it if he was to perish. I shudder with horror when I think of the very idea. He is my blood and if only I could change places with him, I would happily do so...

I thank you greatly for the gift, although I'm sorry to say I can think of nothing but Jör while sitting as he languishes. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone may have poisoned him; this fever is unnatural. I have many alchemists working on him to confirm this.

Yours and Mine in Love

Hel, your niece

PS. I think the air may do Jörmungand some good... Could we come up there soon?


He is worse. On the verse of death's door, as paradoxical that may seem here. He lies limply on his bed and barely sleeps, only gazes out into the abyss.

He keeps calling for someone...

Only they can save him now...

I'm sorry to hear of Tyr's massive headaches. I've been spending most of my time on the throne as you wished, but now my feet seem to tingle. Perhaps I should employ a blanket?

I am truly exhausted, with my brother dying and I able to do nothing about it. What good is it to be a god if you cannot save those that you love? I will write soon.

Yours and Only,


PS. I really think you would let us up by now... People are starting to talk.


How dare you take Jörmungand from me?! He is MY brother, and you have no right to steal him from here and chain him to the bottom of the SEA! It is RIDICULOUS, these accusations from Freya! Jör was in no shape to be up and about, much less creeping in to other's beds! He could barely TALK coherently, much less WALK! I hope you have a very good excuse for keeping him there. I will be up as soon as my feet recover. They are... a bit stiff.

Mine and my Loved one's,

Hel, Ruler of the Dead

Odin, You One Eyed Son of a Bastard Mule!

Now I know of your whole plot, I hope you're happy.

I cannot believe how you would use Jör for your own ends, then poison him once he was not needed.

Good for him, he has a stubborn constitution.

My bottom half is rotting, but I managed to save my top. That must mean one of you is suffering right now. Good. I'll see some of you soon.

The Age of the Gods WILL come to an end, for the things that people once looked up to you for, the things that I admired you for are now gone.

Not only have you attempted to kill one of your own blood, blood that ran through my father and runs through my veins as well as yours, but you have tarnished Honor. You have made a mockery of Truth and bedeviled Justice for your own selfish ends, ends to further your lies.

And for this, the Great Mother will not be silent.

You have Fenrir and Jörmungand chained, but I still rule. You may think you have us trapped, but we will be revenged, one way or the other.

I made a promise to you, Odin, and I will not rest until I reach it.

In any case, you all come to me in the end.

Mine and Mine only

Hel, Queen of the Dead


It's been a while since you or I wrote last. Didn't I say we would be back? I can even see Asgard in my mind, the green pastures and golden sunlight. If I concentrate, I can even ignore the cold in my feet.

I played there once as a child and when I know I will once again, I smile. I smile a lot more than I used to, Odin.

I am no longer the little girl afraid of shadows.

I have lived this long, I think I will enjoy the rest of my life up there. I have never and will never give up, as long as I have breath to speak and blood to feel.

You forgot one thing in your great plan, Odin.

Even if one is evil, one still longs for the sun.

You managed to put us out of your mind for a while, but you can't do it indefinitely.

See, we're like wasps, my brothers and I. Perhaps we can be forced in to hiding, but we will always be in the back of your mind, lurking slowly, until one day you slip. In addition, unlike bees, which can only sting once, we will sting again, and again . . . until the threat is gone.

Think you won't ever slip? Don't worry, everyone slips sometimes. You can't keep it up forever. And in truth, you already have slipped. Several times, in fact. So all I have to do now is wait.

And I'm very good at that.

Yours only that I always am,