The house was still
And quiet last night
'Cause Sister and Mommy
Got into a fight.

I was asleep in my bed
Having a rather pleasant dream
When I heard a slap!
And I heard a scream.

I rushed down the stairs
To see what caused the clatter.
I was horrified when I found out
What was the matter.

Mommy was on the floor
She had fallen into the drapes.
Sister was breathing hard,
Covered in blood, cuts, and scrapes.

Mommy stood up
One word she did shout.
She pointed at the door.
All she said was "OUT!"

Then I felt
Tears run down my face.
Mommy was throwing
Sister out of the place.

Nothing I could do,
Nothing I could say.
I would see her no more.
She was going away.

Sister, Sister
Please don't cry.
You've packed your bags
And you're saying goodbye.

I'll find you one day
We'll be together again.
I promise this as your sister
I promise this as your friend.

I'll never forget
That horrible painful night
Why Sister is gone
And nothing will ever be right.