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"What?" Caleb asked as Nathan put the car in reverse gear and sped up.

"You know what really annoys me is that you don't just come out and tell me. You told me you were gay, what's so difficult about telling me you have a boyfriend."

"Dad, you weren't exactly comfortable..."

"well, fuck that. You don't think I know the excuses. 'I'm talking to a friend, dad', 'I,m doing homework with a class-mate, dad', 'I'm sleeping at a friend's house, dad'. Surprise, Caleb. I know them. Hell, I've used them. How do you think I had you, the stork?"

They had reached the school again and Nathan stuck his head out of the sunroof and barked: "Hey, Ryan."

The boy they had left there had just begun to ascend the stairs again and he turned around puzzled before shuffling back to the parking lot.

"Dad, what are you doing?" Caleb hissed from within the car and pulled at his pants, trying to make him sit back down.

Nathan ignored him and merely glared at Ryan. "Ryan, I am perfectly aware of the fact that you are... dating my son, if that's what we should call it, so why don't we just stop this, okay? What are you doing next month?"

Ryan, whose eyes had reached comical proportions, babbled for a few seconds before shrugging and saying: "I guess... ehm... it's... I err... oh maybe... or... nothing...I guess... yeah...nothing."

Nathan nodded grimly and announced: "You're coming with us."

Caleb produced an impressive yelp and tugged harder but Nathan wiped his hands off of him and focused on the other boy.

Ryan nodded mutely and mumbled something about asking his mother and then practically fled.

Nathan sat down with grim determination and steered the car back out of the parking lot.

Caleb thrust a bag out of the open door and Nathan loaded it into the car. Ryan was shifting his weight from one foot to the other and nervously eyed the older man. He had no idea how to act around Caleb's dad. Nathan seemed equally mad at his son for being gay and determined to make things work and it made for an interesting blend of hatred and like towards Ryan.

Nathan slammed the trunk and turned. He forced a smile. "Let's go!"

Ryan answered with an equally forced smile and they both turned at the same time to get Caleb. They froze. Ryan blushed and muttered stuff Nathan couldn't hear but Nathan waved a hand and said: "You go get him. You.. you go get him."

Ryan's smile was a tad more sincere this time and he disappeared into the house, leaving Nathan leaning against the car.

"Baby steps, huh?"

He smiled and turned: "Hey, Izzy. Yeah, I'm thinking in like 23 years I'll be able to look sincere when I talk to him. In 68 years I'll actually mean it. What are you doing here?"

"Ha, like I'll let you get away with this little 'roadtrip' without a proper goodbye." she said, the verbal quotation marks around roadtrip were practically visible.

She stretched her arms out: "Pucker up, honey." He did as she asked and she kissed him goodbye. "Try not to scare the poor lad away, okay. Caleb is big enough to take care of himself and he is allowed to have a boyfriend. I had a boyfriend when I was his age."

"Izzy, you're a girl."

"Yeah. Well, anyway. You know what I mean."

"I promise I'll try."

Izzy nodded satisfied and finally let go of him, having kept him in the embrace while they talked.

"I can't believe you're actually doing this." she gushed and jumped slightly up and down.

"I know. Me and Cale have talked about it for so long and we're finally going to do it."

Suddenly Ryan and Caleb came out of the house hand in hand but they immediately let go when Nathan turned around. He sighed.

"It's okay. I'm going to have to get used to this. At some point."

Caleb nodded and grasped Ryan's hand again, tentatively looking at his father. Nathan nearly shuddered but caught himself and turned around.

He didn't see the slight hurt in Caleb's eyes but Isabel caught it and subtly steered Nathan so he was facing the boys again, by simply grasping his arm and whirling them both around, talking as they went:" Well, you'd better get going, then. I'll wave you off."

Nathan got in the car, Caleb sat in the passenger seat and Ryan slid in the back. Izzy bent over and talked to Nathan: "Be good." She sent him a meaningful glare: "In every way. And have a nice trip."

He kissed her cheek and assured her that he would behave as well as an old lady in a church and they were off.

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