A/N: Yesterday, I was at my old school to say goodbye to my classmates. It
might be the last time we're together all of us, and I think that's a bit
sad. Hell, some of us have been together for ten years! That's why I wrote
this poem for them. So guys.... Maybe you don't read this (you probably
don't) but.... This is for you.


So this is the end
It's all over now
I don't know about you, but I had fun
Yup, this really was some kind of show.

The end of ninth grade, my friends
And of poems, I've written a new
You all know I write them....
It's time to tell something about you.

There's Jannie, who has the worst laugh ever heard :)
Who can dance a tango at ease
There's Mike, who's not turned on by frogs
And doesn't eat paper wrapped in keys

There's Mia, who's kind of a teacher's pet
Although she's still really cool
There's Lisbeth, who can be very very smart
(But if you ask her to spell "smoke", she's a fool)

There's Taz, who has something wrong in his head
At least, everyone else thinks so
There's Doyer, his very best friend
Who, when I say yes, always will say no.

There's Daniel, or should I say "Dawson"?
He could fool the most hardcore Dawson's Geek!
There's Joker, who's.... special in his own way
No one's like him, I swear, go on and seek!

There's Simon, who was my boyfriend once
Well, all right, six years ago
There's Rie, who's able to talk your ears off
Not about something important, just so-and-so

There's Steph, who has some noise in her!
Although she's what, four feet tall?
There's Ronnie, who with the bottom of his body
Is the most disgusting of us all :)

There's Dorthe, who has a very strong motto
Unfortunately, it's "I've forgotten my homework"
There's Rasmus, or Red, as he's sometimes called
He can be both smart and act like a jerk

There's Rolf, who might be the smartest of us
At least that's what HE claims :)
There's Jeanett, who is my very best friend
My Sam, my Monica, my James...

And last there's me
I'm the weirdo, right?
What's to say about me?
Well..... I can write.

And that's what I did.

I wrote about my friends
Not all of them, but you
Maybe I'm the only one who's sad
But I think... you are too.

A/N: I don't think I was the only one who was sad yesterday. I think
everyone else was as well, knowing..... this is it.