The Power

The power you hold
Is one that you do not understand
A whisper, a touch
Are symbols of your command
The very words that you speak
Echo forever in my ears
Haphazard as they are
Speak loudly through my tears
You bend me and bruise me
Without being aware
And you scratch at my soul
Until I'm exposed and bare
Leaving me naked starkly
For the world to laugh at
"What a fool" they say
A pain so great I cannot combat
And there you sat in stillness
Watching me accept all their jeers
You barely said a word then
Not even when you saw my tears
I cannot blame you though
For it I was who made this fate
Greed for myself granted you this power
And turned me into what most I hate
Still I wait in patience
For you to consider my opinion
That a whisper or touch
Will always have dominion