There Will Always Be

There will always be good in this world
And of course there will be bad
There'll be those who put a smile on your smile
And those who make you sad

There will always be people luckier than you
But then there are those who suffer
There'll be people who think for themselves
And those who sacrifices for others

There will always be times that you should cry
And times to dry your eyes
There'll be chances of sweet 'hellos'
And maybe a sad 'goodbye'

There will always be children who laugh
And grown-ups who care
There'll be cherished friends and family
And lots of joy to share

There will always be the Sun to shine your day
And the Moon to light the night
There'll be people who believe in themselves
And others more in Christ

There will always be people to show you directions
And those who wish you would be lost
There'll be those you should welcome with open arms
And those you should avoid at all cost

There will always be things that you love
And of course the ones that you hate
There'll be selfish, big-headed people
And those who would rather give than take

This will always be the norm of life
I hope it gives some inspirations
But please always bear in mind
You must proceed with caution