Hanging Out The Window

By battousai24

She came home. She was tired and sleepy. Her dog suddenly came running towards her. She patted the fluffy thing and crept down to hug and kiss it. The dog in return, licked her face. She had forgotten she was tired and just played with her dog. The phone rang. She answered it and talked with her boyfriend on the other line. They talked for a while but she didn't ignore her dog. She still was hugging it and running her hands through its fur.

After putting down the phone, she went to the kitchen to get some food for her dog and herself. She put down the bowl of dog food but her dog didn't go and run to eat it. She knew that her dog didn't eat before she came home and it was so much not like it. She decided to bring it to the vet the next morning. She went towards the couch and turned on the television. Her dog joined her there and she hugged it once more. As she ate and watched television, it nuzzled her feet and gained her attention once again, but just for a while.

The movie she was watching just finished and she went back to the kitchen to get some water and left her dirty dishes in the sink. After finishing her drink, she also left it in the sink. She started washing the dishes and her glass. Her dog sat near her waiting for her to finish. She finished and went back to the living room with her dog. They sat on the couch again.

The wind blew and she shivered. She wondered why the window was open and started to walk to the window when the phone rang. She answered it but she didn't know who it was. She kept asking but he didn't tell her. She only heard him say,

"Look out the window. There's a surprise."

She put down the phone, really pissed off. She picked up her dog and hugged it. She wondered what the man said on the phone and remembered the window was open. She thought it was creepy. The window was open and someone called her to tell her to look out the window. It's as if there was something special there. She shook her head and thought that it was just a coincidence. Still holding her dog in her arms, she walked to the window again.

She stared blankly at the figure hanging outside the window. Blood was dripping and the figure hung from its neck outside. She then screamed. The figure outside was her dog.

If it was her dog outside, then, what was she hugging?