Four Corners

By battousai24 and kido

Chi, Rei, Chris and Li were on their trip to Baguio. It was a long way, but Rei insisted he'd drive instead of wasting money for airfare. It was 9:00 in the evening. Chi was on his laptop playing games. Chris was on his Gameboy with Li in a versus game. And everything was going okay but suddenly as they were nearing an old rugged house, their car stalled. Rei got out and checked the motor. He tried to fix it, but he couldn't see very well, so he went back to the car and told his three friends that they might spend the night there, but Li disagreed. He looked and pointed at the old house and told Rei, Chris and Chi that they should just ask the house's caretaker if they could spend the night. At first, Rei hesitated, but knowing that it would be better inside the house than in the car. Chi turned off his laptop and said that he didn't want to stay in such a poor place. Chris agreed with Chi. Rei glared at them and told them that if they didn't want to, then they'd just sleep in the car alone. The thought of being alone in such a place made the two shiver. They finally agreed.

The four friends stood in front of the door. Rei knocked on it. After some time, an old woman opened the door. Chi and Chris shivered at the sight of the old bat. Rei politely asked the old woman if she could allow them to spend the night since their car broke down. The old woman answered him rather coldly. She let them in and allowed them to stay but it was on one condition, they shouldn't sleep. The four looked at each other questioningly but finally agreed.

Li stared at the big room. No, it was a huge. Chris eyed the room suspiciously and turned to Chi. They talked softly about how the room was silent and creepy. Rei heard their conversation despite their effort to keep it down. He told them that even if it was like how they said it was, at least they had somewhere to stay in. Chris and Chi continued talking as if they didn't hear Rei at all. They talked about the old lady being a 'Yama Uba', which was the 'Old Lady In the Mountain' in Japanese folklore.

Time passed and they felt sleepy. Li and Chris finally got bored playing with their Gameboys. Rei busied himself with a book, but felt more tired than he expected. Chi was also getting bored and stopped playing his computer games. He almost fell asleep but Rei threw him the book to keep him awake.

Seconds were like minutes and minutes like hours. It felt as if time was going slowly. Boredom overcame the four friends and finally, at about 11:30 at night, Chris suggested they play a game of 'Four Corners'. All of them agreed. They played it all night.

The next morning, they thanked the so-called 'Yama Uba', the old woman, and then tried to fix the car. Fortunately, they fixed it. They were about to go inside the car when Chi screamed hysterically. His three friends looked at him confusingly but still he didn't stop screaming. Eventually, he was brought to the asylum.

About two or three years passed. Rei, Chris and Li were going to visit Chi after so long. He was finally getting out of the horrid place. As they picked him up, and got out of the huge building, they asked Chi why he had screamed at that time on their way to Baguio. He hesitated at first but finally said,

"We were only four right? Then how can we play 'Four Corners' if we're only