School Rant

I find no joy in the classroom
It's a prison on the whole
An asylum for the imagination
A tourniquet for the soul.

They tried to make me learn trig
I said "Never! It's a cult!"
Whoever came up with it
Is a sadistic evil dolt.

They tried to teach me biology
Like endoplasmic reticulum
I'll never use this crap again
So it's pointless and it's dumb.

I take creative writing.
Do I look like Sylvia Plath?
If you make me write another one-three-one
You'll feel my Grapes of Wrath.

They told me I must learn francaise
I say Merde you all to hell.
Je veut parler anglais
C'est une langue que je parle tres belle.

They say I'll use it in the future
So I'll put on a game face
What the heck, maybe I will need it
So I'll learn it. You know, just in case