Wrote this while listening to "Come What May", in a mood of general
despondency, heartache, and fear. Never get me depressed, it's just a bad
With regards to Lady Marguerite Echo Meg no Delaunay (you know who you are)
in hopes that I can serve as she needs me.
Also with love to the One I know is out there. May I find you soon, my
dear heart. Until then, may no shadows wreathe your head or penetrate your

Song of the Lonely Heart

Soft tea rose, petals opening to the light
Let the sun rise on my troubled eyes.
No storm clouds weary your brow,
Let me take the pain.
Sweet agony,
To love naught but a dream.
When your heart splits,
Rips your soul into a million shards of dream-glass.
To yearn for someone, something,
With every strand, every heartstring,
Every part of your being.
To not know whether or not someone is out there,
Waiting for you, as you wait for them,
Or if you're doomed to walk alone,
To wander beneath the cold, pale stars,
With none but your memories and future to comfort you.
I never knew how painful it is,
To give your heart entirely to another.
Sweet, caressing pain,
They can break your heart and mind so easily,
Knives of silk, swords of roses,
Let the barbs prick my fingers,
And blood trickle down,
To mix with the dust of broken dreams.
To want everything from them,
And need to give them the world.
The knowledge you would climb the tallest mountain
And ford the deepest seas,
If only to catch a glimpse of their face.
To know that you would fall from the highest cliffs
At their word or call.
To walk along the shadowed abyss and over thorns and glass
To be with them.
So much worse to know that you might never find them,
That they are real, and nothing but a soft, deadly hope to you.
To fall in love with someone's shadow
Is a curse enough to crush the soul.
Hear my song, my darling,
My prince, my Only.
If I cast my heart out on the waters,
Would you catch it?
Take the barb and bait, in all their terrible glory?
I would for you.