Those Who Do Not See

The water flows
The fire burns
The world is turning
Can you see?

The children laugh
A gunshot cries
The world spins faster
Don't you see?

Plants are ever growing
Wind howls loudly
The sunlight gleams
When will you see?

The world never changes
We keep on moving
But in a single second
One lives, and one dies

The thunder claps
Blue skies disappear
The moon comes out
Do you dream?

Time grows longer
Memories pour out
Take the good and bad
What do you see?

Rain stains windows
Shrouded in mist
This world is ours
What is real?

Greed and want
Without faith
They are unworthy
When will they see?

Life is always different
To each their own
Will you be like them?
Or will you see?