Frozen Tears - CarDog182

Mike and I laughed insanely as we watched a drunk Tre piss on the snow

outside my house.Mike was rolling around in the snow clutching his stomach

like it would burst and I wasn't laughing too hard until an old lady that was

passing by hit Tre with her purse then walked away cursing todays

youth.That's what got me and in 10 seconds flat,I was on the ground next to

Mike laughing just as hard.We were so wrapped up in our laughter that we

didn't notice Tre until it was too late.He beamed us in the face with his

yellow snow if you know what I mean.The sick part was that it got in my

mouth! Tre was going down in the biggest run for his life.As he hid behind a

garbage can,I was on rapid fire with snowballs with Mike not far behind.

"We got you cornered Cool so come out with your hands up!" Mike yelled with a

freshly packed snowball in his hand.I was standing by with mine aswell.We

definitly got him.We got him cornered.

"Ok I give up! I surrender!" Tre gave up while comming out his very sad snow

fort.I was about to drop my snowball when he threw one at Mike.Both of us

(mike and I) ran after the run away prisoner some more until we all tired

out.An hour later we found ourselves in the car driving in the middle of a

snow storm to get more beer.This was Tre's dim witted idea by the way.Driving

in the middle of a snowstorm was bad but with Tre asking if we were there yet

every second was hell.My theroy is that Tre went to hell but he could have

put the devil out of a job so he came back to earth like the moron he is.

"Are we there yet?" Tre moaned from the passenger seat.

"No ass crack now shut up!" Mike yelled.I smiled inwardly at Mike's attempt

to shut him up.Tre bitched a bit more then stayed quiet while sulking in his


"Hey Billie help me with this" Mike said.It's all my fault,I turned around to

face him and the car stopped with a jerk.I watched as Tre's body flew into

the windshield then my vision blurred.When I woke up the first thing was

think of Mike and Tre.

"mmmmm Mike?" I mumble.My stomach ached.I looked down.Glass was jabbed into

me with blood slowly leaking from me.I winced as I pulled it out and tied my

jacket around my wound.I ignore my pain and look for Mike since he hadn't

replied.I looked into the broken rear view mirror and saw Mikes body laying

lifeless on the back seat.Snow is starting to come in from the huge hole in

the wind shield.I slowly inch my way to Mike's side.His hands are cold and

his body is still but I can't lose hope.I rejoiced when I saw his chest

slowly rise and fall.I was even happier when I got him to wake up.

"Billie?...what happened?" Mike asked me looking dazed.

"we were in a car crash and we are some where in the woods...our car must

have ran off the road..." I trailed off.

"Tre? where's TRE?" Mike demanded.

"I don't know...let's make sure your ok then we will look for him" I state


"I'm ok,I just have a huge head ache"


"yeah...Billie your bleeding!" Mike pointed out referring the crimson liquid

seeping through my jacket.

"I'm fine just a cut" I lied.

I was relieved Mike was ok aside from the small trace of blood streamming

down his forehead.It wasn't bad though.

"alright,let's get out of here and get Tre" I command.Mike and I slipped out

the broken window since all the doors were jammed shut.

"Tre?!" I called out hoarsly.The wind was picking up and my doubts were

comming into control.My heart ached when I didn't see or hear a reply back.

"TRE!?" Mike yelled.Still no reply.We were going back when I stepped on

somthing a bit squishy.I kneeled down and dusted off the small layer of snow

to arm? TRE?!

"MIKE! I FOUND TRE!" I yell.He runs over to me.Both of us dig our friend out.


"We got you cornered Cool so come out with your hands up!"

"Ok I give up! I surrender!" Tre gave up while comming out of his sad snow



"Tre please don't leave us!" Mike cried.Tre's lips were tinting blue and his

body was frozen.CPR!

"Mike you know CPR?" I ask him.He shook his head 'no' so once again I had to

be a hero.I had to save my friend.My mouth covered his as I exhaled into his

mouth.My pushed his chest and repeated this action until he slowly came

around.At first I was nervus when he started coughing and spitting up water

from the snow that covered his mouth.Mike took his jacket off and put it

around Tre when we sat him up.

"Tre? how do you feel?" Mike asked worrilly.

"Like shit" Tre mumbled.I wouldn't blame him.Cuts,scrapes,gashes and bruises

outlined his now weak and frail body.He didn't deserve this...none of us

did.**Billie Joe's POV**

It was starting to get dark and the phones are out of order.Perfect.

"I think we should search the trunk and find a place for the night" Mike

commanded.He was right.

"ok" Tre mumbled slowly.I followed them.

"let's see what we got here" I say looking into the trunk.

"2 beach towels,a ginger bread cookie and a pair of socks" I announce.I watch

as Mike and Tre's face lower in defeat.

"Might aswell take what we have" Mike said grabbing the supplies.Then all

three of us found a tree to settle by.Now,the stars were slowly peeking

through the never ending blackness again.Mike and I were sitting next to each

other and Tre was facing us.The temperature was dropping dramaticly and it

was taking affect.I grabbed one of the towels and wrapped it around Mike and

I then tossed the other one to Tre.He didn't move though,he just sat there

with his teeth chattering.Tre was starting to worry me.He hasn't said much

ever since the accident.Guess there was nothing TO say, but still.

"Tre?" I asked him.It seemed like he used up all his strength to look up at

me.He didn't reply but his eyes said 'what?'.

"Take the towel dude" I said reffering to the towel that layed by his side.

"C-C-can' c-c-" Tre sneezed and I felt my stomach twist.I noticed that

he was suffering the most out of the three of us.The drummers tired eyes

quietly drifted back to the mounding snow they were watching as I left the

small amount of warmth in the towel to help him.I picked up his towel and

wrapped it securely around him then taking a seat by him.Mike nodded to me.

"c'mon,scoot closer" I say to Tre.He looked a bit confused and unsure.

"we can share body heat" I add and in a few slow going seconds he inched his

way closer to me.

"better?" I ask but instead of a reply,Tre burst into a fit of coughs each

one worse then the next.This was worse then I thought.I didn't know what to

think or do because things were happening too fast.Matters worsened when his

harsh coughs caused him to throw up blood.My mind was on overload and I can't

think.I can't feel my toes or fingers and i'm getting hungry.I snapped back

to reality again.I found that I was rubbing Tre's back and saying everything

was ok but how can things be ok? Since when was this day OK? Since when were

our fucking lives ok?!?

"Billie?" I ignored Mike and continued my internal battle with my sharp


"BILLIE JOE!" Mike yelled and then I came out of my arguement again.

"yeah?" Mike grabs my arm and pulls me to the side away from Tre.

"we have a problem" He says hesitently.

"yeah and don't I know that" I reply sarcasticly.

"I mean..Tre is the one with the problem..."

"what? ok so he catches a cold" I admit.

"no it's not a cold...I think it's like pnamonia"

"why would you say that! Tre is fine! That's a really sick thing to say about

Tre, Mike!" I yell.I can't take this shit anymore.

"Billie please!! listen to yourself! you know this better then I do that we

are in deep shit right now especially Tre!" Mike bickers.

"no this can't be happening" I say trying to make this go away.

"Billie stop trying to reject the truth! We need to stick together right now

and it seems like your not exactly with us!" Mike grabs my arm and shakes it

forcefully.I look over at our sick friend then back at Mike.

"your right,we aren't going down with out a fight" Mike grins at my sudden

change in heart and we speed walk back to Tre.

"feelin' ok?" I asked Tre.

"a Bill look at yourself" Tre said.I touch my lips and run my

hand over my face.My lips are chaped and I can taste the blood,my face is raw

and coated with frost.Mike didn't look any better.I fell asleep to heavy

breathing and chattering teeth.


"Mike,Tre? You guys up?" I shove Mike.


"here" I smiled.Things were looking better.

"hey Bill? where are we anyway?" Mike asked.Ok so I was wrong.

**Mike's POV**

Right.OK.We're lost.We are lost in the middle of the f*cking winter in the

woods with no food!

"Damn,i'm hungry" Tre admitted.His stomach confirmed that comment with a


"uh I think we have that cookie" Billie Joe said.I snatched the cookie from

his hand and examined it.

"Billie! We cant eat this! This was the cookie that I found on the floor on

Christmas two years ago!" I bantered.

"Fine! Tre and I will have it and you can starve if you want too!" Billie

yelled back.I groaned.I might be hungry but I'm NOT eating a stale cookie

almost as old as my dog!






"Will you guys cut it out already?! Stop acting like three year olds and grow

up!" Tre burst.He was right.I gave Billie an evil look as he returned one to

me.It's kinda fun pissing him off.

"I'll be right back,gotta take a piss" I growled walking away from the group.

"Mike stay close to the camp site we don't wan you getting lost!" Billie

Joe's voice echoed to me.

"yeah yeah yeah" I grumbled low enough that they couldn't hear me.Honestly I

have no need of a bathroom I just wanted to get away from them.Mostly Billie


** seven minutes later,Billie Joe's POV **

"wow that's one long piss" I pointed out.

"yeah I know...think he's alright?" Tre asked me.

"I don't know,let's just wait till he comes back" I stated.When more time

elapsed,I knew somthing wasn't right.

"i'm going to look for him" I declared.

"I'm comming too!" Tre insisted getting up from his seat.

"NO! your sick so stay put!" I demanded.


"Tre NOT now! this isn't the time! just stay here and shut up!" I yelled.Damn

this situation.First I fought with Mike,causing him to leave,and now I yelled

at Tre when all he wanted to do was help.I lowered my voice.

"Tre please..." I said kneeling beside him.

"ok but hurry back"

"I will" Now I had to find Mike.

**Billie Joe's POV**

"Mike?!" I called out.Damn,where the hell could he be? The wind was picking

up icy snow and chipping it into my eyes.They sting like hell and yet I can

only imagine what Mike is going through.It was then I hear a faint nose.I

slow down.

"Mike?" I ask in a more hopefull way.At first I didn't see him but after

tripping over him,I knew he was there.Shivering violently was Mike Dirnt.He

had his knees raised to his chest trting to keep warm.


"yeah i'm here" Then I dust the snow off of him and pull him up.

"hang in there Mike" I whisper reasuringly.When we got back,Tre was asleep

and I feared even more for Mike.His clothes were soaking wet and i'm afraid

he will get sick.

"Mike take your clothes off" I demand.

"Billie I-"

"Mike,please don't argue,your gonna get hypothermia or somthing if you stay

like that and we don't need our bassist dying on us"

"are-are you s-sure?"

"yeah" and so I watched Mike strip down as I covered him with a towel and

snuggled close.

"I-I-I'm so hungry" Mike whined.Now that was my fault.I didn't give him the

only piece of food we had.I was selfish and refused to give him any.Poor guy.

"I'm so sorry Mike" I said sorrowfully.Mike looked down as his stomach

gurgled.With my hand,I lightly lifted his chin up.His face was frozen.

"I'm sorry about that...but I promise i'll take care of you" I said.Mike

looked so scared.

"I'm here" I whisper into his ear.I realized that this accident helped me

find my attraction to Mike.

"thanks Billie" Mike replied before falling asleep.As my friends slept,I

wondered why they had to suffer.Mabey I deserved it but not them.

**Billie Joes POV**

The sun was comming up and we've spent two days out here.Two days with no

food,no heat and no life to live.Mike is my life though,if he dies then so

does my life.So do I.I watch as Mike's chest rises and falls in his sleep.He

looks so cold and so helpless and what killed me is that there was nothing I

could do to make his pain stop.I squat down closer until I was eye level with

his sleeping form.I want Mike.I NEED Mike.I never had anything against gays

so I didn't mind if I wasn't straight anymore.I leaned

in..closer...closer...and for that one split second,our lips connected.A

certin electricity sparked and I didn't feel as cold.Mike stirred and woke


"hey Billie" he said almost cheerfully.I grinned.

"hey Mike"

"It's so cold! achoo!" Mike sneezed.

"Come closer to me" I command.I took my shirt off because it was very

wet,revealing the large gash on my stomach from the accident.

"Billie,are you ok?" Mike asked with genuine concern.I winced as my fingers

trailed the wound.

"I guess so but it hurts a lot" I complain.

"here,I'm not a doctor but Ithink the snow will numb the pain" Mike


"ok" I replied.Mike took a handfull of snow and patted it on my gash.It hurt

like a bitch.

"Shit" I curse.

"Sorry,I'll try to be a little more gentle" Mike replied warmly.

"What are you guys doing?!" Tre burst breaking the whole mood.

** Mike's POV **

I looked over at Billie Joe as he turned a nice shade of pink.

"I was icing his wound" I reply dryly.

"oh ok,look i'll be back in a few minutes i'm gonna try the cell phone" Tre

stated.Billie and I nodded.I never told Billie that I had feelings for him

before cause he would hate me and I wanted to tell him now but I just can't.

"I think that's enough Ice" Billie Joe said breaking me from my trance.

"oh sorry" our eyes paired and I never wanted to blink or look away from the

sight before me.Billie must have noticed.

"what? do I look 'shexy' or somthing?" Billie Joe asked inbetween laughs.Oh

his laugh.

"no! a dead rat looks better than you!" I lied.Nobody was more good looking

then Billie Joe Armstrong.

"good and bad news guys!" Tre yelled.Man! We need to get him a beeper!

"what?" Billie Joe asked irritatedly.

"There is an empty cabin about 3 miles north of here" Tre said.

"the bad news is?" I interjected.

"I...kinda lost the phone...."

"TRE HOW COULD YOU!!!" I yelled grabbing him by the collar.I forgot I was

naked as my towel fell to the floor.

"Ahhhh my eyes!" Tre joked.Me on the otherhand.I was red of shame and

embarassment.Billie Joe picked the towel up and wrapped it around me again.

"ok then let's go" I growl.Now thw three of us had to treck to some old cabin

thats three miles away.I wish I was home.

** Tre's POV **

"where almost there you guys!" I yelled to them.For some strange reason,Mike

and Billie Joe are acting weird but I can't quite place it.Finally they

cought up with me.

"Shit Cool! Slow the fuck down!" Billie roared.

"well mabey if you stopped flirting with Mike we would be there by now!" I

yelled back.Wait...where did that come from?

"I was NOT!" Billie insisted pointing at Mike who wasn't far behind.

"Not what?" Mike asked asked oblivious to the conversation.

"nothing...." I mumbled then continued walking.

** Billie Joe's POV **

Mike approached me with pure curiosity.

"Billie? what was that about?" He asked grabbing my arm.

"I-" I took a breath.

"never mind" I shrugged Mike off and ran up to Tre leaving Mike to walk by


** At The Cabin **

"we're here!" Tre yelled happilly.

"I know,oh obvious one" Mike stated.I kept away from him.We then entered the

cabin.It was quite old and dusty.Probably abandond for a some odd amount of


"I get first dibs on the shower!" Mike claimed.Before anyone could argure,the

door was slammed shut and locked.Tre and I just removed our coats.I sat down

on the couch made for two as Tre went to put logs in the fire place.

"hey Billie?" Tre questioned.


"what's up with you and Mike?" He asked surprisingly.Busted.

"I don't wanna talk about it" I said shoving my head in my hands.

"Billie Joe, I know you and if you keep what evers bothering you bottled

up,it'll eat you up inside" wow.I never thought i'd hear this from Tre.

"I'm afraid" I sighed.

"of what?"

"I'm afraid if I told you,you wont be my friend anymore" I felt tears

pricking the back of my eyes and strong arms formed by years of drum playing

wrap around me.

"I promise that this will change nothing"


"of course!" Tre let go and smiled at me.

"ok...I kinda like that way" I admitted.

"I kinda figured that"

"you what?"

"yeah,I saw you that night..." I felt myself turn red.

"oh...pleasedonttellmiketre!" I burst.

"whoa Bill slow down! i'm not gonna tell him!" Tre responded.

"thanks Tre"

"no problem" and with that,Mike got out of the shower.There was an

uncomfterable scilence

** Billie Joe's POV **

I shifted uncomfterablely in my chair and Tre gave me a 'speak of the devil'


"h-hey Mike" I stuttered.Tre jabbed me in the stomach with his elbow.

"hi Billie..." Mike just rolled his eyes and went looking around.

"what the fuck was that for Tre?" I sneered.

"Billie,you were stuttering....I had to do somthing!" Tre admitted.

"Hey guys! I found food!" Mike called out.Tre and I traced his voice to the


"a year supply of bread and cheese?" I ask stairing at all the bread and

cheese infront of me.Mike was already scarfing it down.

"food is food" Mike said spitting bits of bread out of his mouth.I shrugged

and joined him and Tre did the same.The food wasn't half bad.

"It's getting kinda late,i'm gonna go to bed" Tre announced.

"There is only 1 couch" I pointed out.

"I know,you and Mike get the floor" Tre laughed then darted to it.He did that

on purpose I KNOW it! I groaned.

"Don't worry Billie,the floor isn't so bad" Mike said.If Mike said it wasn't

bad then I believe him.


"wanna get to bed?" Mike asked.I stood there mesmorized by him.

"ok" I simply replied.After finding some blankets we fell asleep.Well Tre was

out like a light.I could hear his heavy breathing.I was just about to fall

asleep when I heard sniffling.

"Mike?" I ask into the darkness.More sniffles.I grabbed a blanket draping it

over my sholders and softly made my way to him.


"Mike? what's the matter?" I question worilly.

"Billie..I don't know what we are going to do" he cried.I gave him a big hug.

"Don't worry Mike,we will be out of here in no time" I soothe.Mike sat up and

I was sitting opposite him.We are so close that I can feel his breath on my


"Mike...I have to tell you somthing" yes I had to do it now.

"what?" I leaned in and kissed him.I did it.Mike sat there for a second

trying to take everything in.

"Billie I love you" Mike confronted.Yes this was IT!

"but" That one word made my heart drop.

"I'm not IN love with you...I used to like you during this trip but then

things do feelings" He spoke softly as if not to break my heart

but that was already done.

** Billie Joe's POV **

I slowly made my way over to my pile of blankets and hid myself far under

them.I didn't want to show my ugly face.I can't believe this.Over and over

again I repeated 'Mike didn't want me' until tears started flowing freely

down my face.The truth was that he really -didn't- want me.Mike doesn't love

me.This must have gone on for hours because the sun started peaking through

the worn down drapes.

"Breakfast!" I heard Tre yell.What was he a moron? Although I didn't have a

watch it was probably 6 or 6:30 in the morning.I felt the floor slightly

vibrate as Mike padded accross the wood floor to the kitchen.Mike...oh

Mike.Just thinking of his name made me cry again.

"Billie Joe last call for bread!" Tre yelled to me.I wasn't really

hungry.Just as I thought Tre was going to leave me alone,I thought wrong.Tre

came over and shoved me.All I did was groan and roll over.I can't let him see

me like this.More tears were falling.

"C'mon Billie,you gotta eat!" He urged.

"mmmmmmph...lemme alone" I mumble.Tre stopped shaking me.

"Billie what's wrong?"

"nothing,i'm just not hungry" I try and reply casually but my voice came out

hoarse and scratchy.

"are you sick? please Billie talk to me" Tre begged.

"no" I respond simply.

"Stop hiding from me and get out!" Tre warned.He was reffering to how I was

still burried in the blankets.

"fine..." I growled comming from my 'house'


"I-I'll tell you later tonight,when Mike is asleep" I say cautiously.Tre eyed

me then went back to the kitchen.The day went pretty slow,nothing more then

the usual bickering and hopes of home.When night fell,Mike was asleep and my

back was leaned up against the bathroom wall.Tre approached me.

"you told him?" Tre guessed.

"Tre,he doesn't want me!" I burst a bit louder then intended.Again the pipes

broke and my water works started up again.

"I am SO sorry Billie! I thought he would love you!" Tre admitted.

"But he doesn't!" I yell.My knees buckled and I collapsed to the

floor,devistated and heart broken.

"Billie!" Tre knelt down beside me and gave me a hug.I wanted to be hugged.To

be felt.To be loved.

"let's get you cleaned up" Tre got up,pulling me up with him.The drummer ran

cool water over a washcloth and handed it to me.I wiped my tear streaked face

and drank some water.

"better?" Tre asked smiling slightly.

"a little" I admit.Tre's presence actually made me feel a bit better.After

all,he is kinda cute.Tre was always there for me even through all the bad.He

might be a bit crazy but he has a good heart.No WAIT HOLD UP!! I love MIKE

NOT TRE!!! This is not good.

"you okay?" Tre asked noticing the distressed look on my face.



"I think I love you"

"oh Billie" Tre grinned giving me the biggest hug ever.Did that mean he liked

me too? I knew this was fast but this was the right way to go,the bulge in my

pants said so.

"Billie I think your friend want's me" Tre said deviously.I wanted him.I

unzipped my pants when my stupid second voice started talking to me.

'Billie,this isn't right! what would Mike think? You can't have him so your

using his best friend?'

"Shut up!" I squeeked.

"what?" Tre asked.

"wait Tre stop for a sec,I need to think" I say sitting down for a moment.My

voice continued.

'don't use Tre for your sexual fanticies! do you really love him? If you

don't then your going to hurt him like how Mike hurt you and I thought you

didn't like to see your friends suffer!' my voice scold.It was right.

"Tre,I'm not sure if I love you...I can't do this to Mike right now and I

don't wanna hurt you either" I couldn't quite read Tre's face.

"oh...that's ok I guess" Tre lowered his head in defeat.

"i'll tell you what.Let me work things out with Mike and then I will give you

an answer" I said.

"ok" And that was the last word I heard from Tre for the day.Now I had to

talk to Mike.

"Mike we need to talk"

"I know,do you know why Tre is acting weird today?"

"i'll tell you bout that later but I want to know if you love me..."

"I told you Billie! I'm sorry but I don't" Mike said.

"you sure?"

"yeah why?"

"Tre come over here!" I smiled when he came in.

"Tre and I are....together" I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back with


"ok congrats!" Mike said happilly.I don't know if it was an act but I think

i'll but it for now.I had a lover now and I had to stop thinking bout Mike.

"I'm feelin' dangerous!" Tre purred.

"To the bathroom!" I pointed.Mike slugged away as we had some 'fun' in

there....lots of it.

** Mike's POV **

"S'bout time guys!" I say a bit to harsh.

"sorry Mike I didn't know you wanted me too" Tre snickered.

"well who ever wants you is a stupid chicken with no beak" I growl.

"leave Billie alone!" Tre defended.

"no it's ok,Mike is just jelous cause you have me all to yourself" Billie


"I heard that"

"shove it Dirnt!" Billie spat out.

"guys knock it off will you? both of just shut up and eat your bread and

cheese!" Tre yelled.

"bread and cheese bread and cheese! thats all we ever eat in this damn cabin!

Ever since we got here I've regretted being in this fricken band and being

both your friends!" I screamed.I screamed so hard and loud that it felt like

my insides were bleeding.

"oh and Billie? I NEVER loved you and I NEVER will accept a faggy queer like

you as a friend!!" I yelled again.It was too late to realize what I had just

said.Both Billie and Tre said nothing.Everything at that moment was frozen

almost until I saw tears falling down their faces.I had hurt my friends.My

best friends.

"M-Mi-ike h-how could you?" Billie Joe asked through tears.Billie ripped out

of Tre's hug and locked himself in the bathroom.


"Mike I don't wanna hear it!" Tre snapped.I sighed and walked over to the

window watching snow fall.It was getting pretty bad out there and I figured

we would be trapped in here for a little while.The phone Tre lost is probably

gone under feet of snow right now too.

**Later that night (still Mikes POV)**

"Billie..Tre?" I had to apologise.

"what?" Tre asked with Billie in his arms.

"i'm really really sorry and"

"sorry doesn't cut it Mike,you hurt us" Billie accused.

"look just hear me out" I insist.I hear a heavy irritated sigh from Tre and a

sniffle from Billie Joe.

"fine" Billie Joe remarked.

"When I heard that you two were together I kinda got jelous" I admitted.

"why Mike? I ASKED you and you said that you didn't like me" Billie Joe


"I was afraid of rejection and not being able to give you what you want" I

reply steadilly.


"yeah and all that jelousy kept building up inside of me until I took it out

on you two" I continue.

"Mike you could have told us" Tre said.

"i know I know and i'm sorry" I apologise again.

"i'm sorry for calling you terrible names when I would just be talking about

myself aswell"

"Billie...Mike..I" Tre stuttered.

"sit down Mike,I have a feeling that there is somthing else" Billie

suggested.I took a seat next to Billie.

"It took me jelousy to see this but..Billie..I still have feelings for you"

Tre let go of Billie Joe.

"Mike...since it took you all this time to find out who you really liked and

didn't take your chance before I'm sorry but I can't lose Tre" Billie Joe

grabbed Tre's hand and gave him a light kiss.

"what about me?"

"Don't worry Mike,you'll always be my BEST friend and i'm sure that someone

will come your way soon" Tre said.

"ok sure" Billie hurt me bad but I knew I deserved it.What goes around comes


**Tre's POV**

It was cold in here..very.Billie Joe is layed out on the couch with his head

on my lap.He looked like a little kid with his blanket covering his cold

quivering body.

"mmmmmmmmmph" Billie Joe mumbled.So he was a sleep talker huh?

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmph" Billie Joe repeated turing over in obvious

discomfort.Faster then I can think,Bille Joe was in a panic in his

sleep.Shaking crying and yelling forced me to aid my boy friend.

"Billie it's ok" I comfort.I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him up so

he is in a sitting position,his back leaning against my stomach.

"no Tre!" Billie Joe called out.

"shhhhhhh it's ok Billie" I reasure.

"I love you Mike" Billie Joe squeeked almost to low to hear.I almost missed

it myself.My heart just broke.Billie got rejected by Mike,Mike got rejected

by Billie....I got rejected by Billie.I felt so hurt and so cheated.

"Billie please wake up" I whispered to Billie giving him a light shove.

"M-Mike?" Billie Joe asked still dazed from his distressed sleep.

"no it's Tre" I said 'reminding' him.

"ohhhh hi Tre" Billie said with a yawn.

"hi" I replied glumly going to the bathroom.Away from Billie,away from Mike.I

just wanna get away.I need out.The mirror on the wall catches my eye.I grab

it,throw it down and watch as it shatters to pieces.

"Time keeps moving on and on and on

soon when i'll be gone"

Blink182, 'Man Overboard'

I have to do this.Billie wont miss me,he would be too busy with Mike to even

notice i'm gone.I pick up a piece of broken mirror and hold it above my


**Billie Joe's POV**

"Tre you done yet?" I call to him.whats taking him so long?


"that's it i'm comming in!" and I barged in.Tre was sitting on the floor

crying sitting in a pile of broken glass or somthing.

"B-Billie...." Tre stuttered.

**Billie Joe's POV**

Tre was so hysterical and frantic,it took me hours to calm him down.Although

I had no idea what the hell the matter was,any problem of his is a problem of

mine.I rocked Tre to sleep just as Mike came over.

"how is he?" Mike asked sitting down next to me.

"I don't know,he hasn't said any-" I paused as Tre stirred.I lowered my


"he hasn't said anything to me" I whispered.



"whats happened to us?" Mike asked determined to hear my answer.

"I don't know Mike,but I do know that we will get through this" I state

knowingly.The bassist walks over to the window.

"snows clearing up"


"you don't seem too thrilled" Mike implied.

"I kinda don't wanna leave..." I admit.I've been doing a lot of admitting


"Billie are you talking crazy?! The snow is clearing up and we could be out

of here in a couple of days and your telling me you don't wanna go?!"

"Mike just hear me out!" I banter.


"This cabin has brought us so much closer and we have all grown in so many

ways" I stated.Mike sighed.

"Billie you know we have to go some time" Mike added.

"I know I know"

"stop yelling" Tre murmured.

"hey Tre,how you feelin'?" I asked.

"like I lost a love....oh man....."

" to us" Billie Joe insisted.



"tre you know better then to listen to me sleep talk!" Billie warned.

"now I do"

"I love Mike,but as a good friend,and no offense Mike"

"non taken"

"Mike will never take your place" I said warmly pulling Tre into a loving


"Mike are you okay with this and please be honest"

**Mike's POV**

I've realized what a selfish bitch i've been and now im actually happy for

them.I really truely am.

**Mike's POV**

"yeah i'm Ok Billie..for sure" I said patting him on the back.This was the

best feeling i haven't felt in a really long time.Billie Joe was right.This

cabin did make us closer..and wiser aswell.

"Look guys! the snow stopped!" Tre cheered.Billie and I rushed over to him.

"I guess your right" I said.

"mabey one more day here?" I request.

"I think bread and cheese will have to do until tomorrow" Billie Joe sad


"I guess so" I sighed.

"finally a restful sleep" Tre said climbing into the blankets.Billie took his

place next to Tre and me,a bit further away...yanno what happens there.

***Tre's POV***

"mornin' Mike" I said cheerfully.Mike grumbled in response and sat next to

Billie Joe at the table.I filled 3 glasses up with tap water and we held them


"to friendship" I said,long scilence followed.

"since when did you get so cheesy?" Billie Joe asked with a grin.

"ok ok, to Green Day and beer!" I said proudly.We clinked out glasses

together and it was then I knew that we were ready to leave.Ready to become a

better,stronger,closer band then we were before.About an hour later,the snow

finally stopped and we found our car.It was almost all the way burried.

"I think we keep walking,about 5 miles and then we would be home" Mike

justified.We walked and walked and we did make it home.Nothing was

changed.Beds unmade,beer cans littered the floor,the smell of smoke and

liquor sented the air.I need a joint.

** next summer **

"so we meet here again huh Billie?" Mike asked.This place became our summer

house.we all sat around the table in the kitchen.

"bread and cheese anyone?"