She spun round on her heel trying to see who had spoke to her but there was no one but her on the whole stretch of road and no bushes for anyone to have hid in. Her legs turned to jelly and she could barely walk. She collapsed down onto the floor shaking, being with her friends seemed like a good idea at this time. She sat alone; shivering on the roadside for a good fifteen minutes before anyone saw her. A car pulled up beside her and told her to jump in, she recognized the voice but didn't look up at the face. As soon as she did she knew who it was. It was her father's new girlfriend Rachel, who happened to be on a driving lesson but she didn't care. Jasmine crawled into the car and sat down on the backseat still shaking. Rachel looked at her through the mirror, "Are you all right?" she asked. Jasmine didn't answer, "Right that's it I'm taking you home". The driving instructor looked shocked and dumbfounded. She swung the car around doing a full turn and drove back the way she had came. Ten very bumpy minutes later they arrived at Jasmine's house. "I'm sorry, but can you take the car back, I can't carry on the lesson knowing she's like this". The driving instructor had no option but to agree and with that he drove off.

Jasmine sat on the sofa while Rachel made her a hot chocolate. "So what happened, can I help?" Jasmine looked up,

"I.I heard a voice when I was walking home, it said things about me being foolish and that I might be next, it sounded sort of threatening". Rachel sat down on the sofa looking at her in amazement. "Did you see anyone who could have said it?" Jasmine shook her head, "No, I looked, I was going to run but my legs turned to jelly, you don't think I wanted to hang around do you, it was like I'd been frozen to the spot". Rachel sat there trying to figure things out when they both heard footsteps in the hall heading towards the kitchen. They glanced at each other "Did you hear that?" Jasmine whispered. Rachel nodded and they both stood up, they tiptoed into the hall and there in the kitchen was..

"Dusk!" Jasmine yelled, "you scared us half to death". Dusk stopped eating her chocolate bar and smiled at them. "Hi, yeah I'm ok I guess thanks for asking" she said smirking.

"Oh, yeah, right, how you feeling, you won't believe what has happened in the past 12 hours" Jasmine said quickly.

"I have to go, you'll be all right yeah?" said Rachel. They both nodded and Rachel left. "I'm ok, I just feel groggy and very hungry," she said pointing at the chocolate on the table, "and what's so exciting that's happened in the past 12 hours that you can't wait to tell me". Jasmine gulped and looked at the floor. "Jas?" repeated Dusk.

"Well I went home at lunch because Damon was being an idiot and making out that he was all concerned about you but smirking and about halfway home I heard this voice saying things like I would be next". Dusk looked at Jasmine in shock.

"Are, are you sure?" Dusk asked, Jasmine nodded, "I really don't like this Dusk, it's freaking me out, there's something weird about Damon and it isn't normal, if I tell you something mum and dad said do you promise not to tell anyone?". Dusk nodded, "well when you were unconscious I heard them talking about you and they said that only one type of creature could have caused your scratch and that that creature liked killing witch's". Dusk looked at her as though she was waiting for an answer,

"what creature did they say?"

"That's the problem, they didn't say, they were about to when there was this big crash outside, I had to come back up before they saw me". Dusk looked at her chocolate bar then back at Jasmine. "I think that we have to sort this out quickly or it could get out of hand," Jasmine nodded in agreement, "we have to ask mum". Jasmine looked shocked, "we can't, I was supposed to be in bed, she'll know I was listening and then I'll probably get grounded". Dusk thought for a moment.

"Then just say you went to get a drink, we'll use my health to get her to tell us too, she can't say no if I'm asking why I got so ill". Jasmine looked worried but agreed.

Dusk and Jasmine sat on the sofa and waited for their mum to get back. "I hope she isn't long, I'm still freaked out from earlier, I don't like being home alone any more" said Jasmine looking around as though she expected a murdered to jump out and stab her. Dusk nodded, "I know it's freaky but we can't let what ever it is take over our lives, not yet". Jasmine looked around again, then back at Dusk. She nodded but moved so she was sitting against a wall. The phone started to ring "Um.I'll get it" said Dusk moving slowly towards the phone. She picked up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Dusk, it your mum, I'm going to be home late today, Ok, dinner is in the freezer, love you".

"Ok mum, see you later". She put down the receiver and sat back down. "It was mum, she's going to be late home tonight, she didn't say why though". Jasmine nodded "Ok, but I wish she wasn't, it means more time alone in the house". The phone rang again, "Probably mum again," said Dusk, jumping up and answering the phone. "Now what mum?"

"Oh, this isn't your mummy, dear, dear, home alone are we, better watch out because you never know who's watching" the voice said. Then she heard the soft click as the person hung up. Dusk froze and dropped the receiver, Jasmine ran in at the sound of the crash as the receiver hit the floor. "Dusk? Are you Ok, what did mum say?"

" wasn't mum, it was.someone, saying things". Jasmine looked her,

"You're not making sense Dusk, do you want a drink". Dusk nodded. Jasmine ran into the kitchen and stopped so suddenly she nearly fell over her own foot. "D.Dusk, I think you'd better come here" Jasmine stuttered. Dusk walked into the kitchen to find the back door wide open even though none of them had been out there. Jasmine fixed a gaze onto the table. "Um.Dusk, been asleep lately?" Dusk walked over, there on the table was a camera with several photos around it. Most of them were of both of them in bed; one was of Jasmine stepping out the shower in a towel and one of Dusk on the phone moments before. "Oh my god, now I'm freaked, it's true they are watching us, I'm scared Dusk". Dusk picked up the photo of her on the phone and looked at it, "How did they take this, surely I would've seen them", Dusk sat down on a chair, "I'm worried now Jas, I truly am". Jasmine walked over the fridge "I think I need a sandwich," said Jas with a smirk. Dusk smiled,

"I'm still going to be worried even if I eat fifty sandwich's.