Why Fight Amongst Ourselves?

By Goth-girl

            I am sorry that I couldn't include every religion in existence in this poem, but it is more to show that we are all just people, than to show one religion above the other.  The order I put the religions in, was not to say that the first is best or worst, just the order that I thought of them in.  If anything in this is untrue, please let me know, and I'll change it.  A lot of this is just based on research, since I haven't met people from every faith shown.  I was not trying to bash anyone's religion, so please don't think that I was.  Note: It came to my attention that a certain part in this poem was somewhat untrue, and it has been changedJ

Why argue about belief?

Can't we all just get along?

Instead of subconsciously creating grief?

Why don't we just get along?

Christians pray to their Lord, Jesus Christ everyday

And they become ethically sound

Avoiding sin, and serving their Father in every way

 If they worship Him, they are Heaven bound

Pagans try to keep negative Karma away

And will do their best to harm none

Worship the moon by night, and the sun by day

Even after this life is done

The Talmud and Hebrew Scriptures speak to Jews

Who read them for beliefs of their own

From these they gain some of their views

For in them, their ideals are shown

Jains don't think that a God created all we are seeing

Their God is the human, who has reached spiritual perfection

A positive entity, who was once a human being

This is their motivation to live in the right ethical direction

People of the Buddhist faith will find their spiritual contentment

After ridding themselves of Earthly desire

If they do this, they will not feel resentment

Because their enlightenment becomes higher

Even the Atheist who believes in no God

Can know right from wrong

It is most certainly not odd

For their ethics to be strong

Islams and Muslims can be good people just like the rest

If one is looking at the vast majority

They are monotheistic, and believe that Allah is the very best

In an Islam or a Muslim's life, God a priority

I couldn't cover every religion here

I apologize, and will add any, if you ask

I only wish to tell people, with other religions, we shouldn't fear

However, getting along is sometimes a hard task

If one religion leaves the other alone,

That is not getting along

Imagine how grim it would be, if we were all on our own

Without diversity to make us strong

If one belief could convert everyone

We'll never understand freedom

Freedom makes us different

All people must be liberated, peaceful, and calm

We can't just overcome ourselves with fury,

Come out and say

Another faith is the cause of all worry

And they must go away!

No matter who started it

Why should we fight each other?

Faiths should bring us together, not split

Us apart, to hate one another

If we think for one moment

We are all human

Regardless of from where we were sent

So, listen to this, if you can

In my opinion, if we fight each other, we are fighting amongst ourselves.