Draven's Long Forgotten Mission

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One fine day in the bueatiful island of Tirconell, located just off the coast of Etharion, lived a man. Not an ordinary man, far from it, as a matter of fact he was a Dragon Man. His name was Draven Dragoon or in some cases Draven Dragoon the Last Dragon Man. He lived in a cave not to deep into Tirconell's largest mountain. He had gotten used to hunting on his own, fishing, and just about everything else he needed do to survive, except getting close to people, creatures, or anything else in that manner, especially since that horrible night. It was cold, dark, and a storm was brewing.

Young Draven wasn't called the last Dragon Man then, no he was one of many. It was his tribe, his mom, his dad, all his brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, ect. Like I was saying, young Draven had just finished playing when the storm came. At first it started as a drizzel, then harder, finally hail, thunder, and lightning. Finally it appeared out of the shadows from every corner of their tiny village. A horrible monster appeared harmless at first slashing but not doing damage and then his skin appeared. It was dark purple, with spikes, horns and a humungious set of wings. To big and emense for any normal, let alone living, creature to carry.

Now they knew, it wasn't fun and games, no, no, no. His people, the Dragon Men, were being torn apart, limb from limb, bone from bone. It was horrible beyond all reason. Thank goodness his mom was a philosopher otherwise Draven wouldn't be here today. He was hidden in the temple, where his mom knew the fortold monster couldn't get him, but to bad for her she was outside when the monster grabbed her. Right before his eyes he saw the monster slaughter his family, friends, home, and everything else he ever knew. After the monster gave up young Draven explored the entire continent of Etharion, searching for something. He didn't quite know what he was searching for. Maybe another Dragon Man, Maybe a friend.

Atlast the day came. He was fishing in the Egroth sea when he caught something. It was stronger than he thought, but after many fishing adventures like this he got used to this sort of thing. Finally he got this super-strength creature. It was an Elven type creature. This one was named Hika, and she was a beauty. Like a rose, beautiful, kind, and...Well you get the point. Well she was also dangerous, sharp claws at the end of each hand, deer like almost but with the slippery skin for swimming and beautiful eyes, triple layered for protection, but beatiful. There was something about this creature. Hum, could it be, no. Maybe she was a hormone mage. Controlling the hormones of everyone and everything, but still she was beautiful, to Draven at least. She had an elven acsent, harmonous, sweet, and musical.

"Hello," Hika said in a shy voice.

"H...H...Hi...I'm...Dr..a...ven..I mean Draven," replied a studdering Draven.

"Why did you catch me? Your not gonna do anything to me are you?" asked a worried Hika.

"Why would I do that?"

"There's been someone trying to catch me. I'm scared all the time. Could you protect me?"

Astonished and blushing Draven studdered out his answer, "Su..su...sure..Sure"

So off they went, Hika by sea, Draven by air, although he would never lose sight of her and if he did he'd dive under water to make sure nothing got her. Draven wasn't gonna let his first friend in almost twenty years, especially one as beautiful as this get harmed or even worse.

To be continued.............................................................