I Used to Sing
I used to sing
Of time gone by
And lands so far away
While tunes of beauty
Backed me up, compelling me to stay
Inside this world
For just a while
Escaping from the cold
Bringing out my hidden smile
Genuine and Bold

I used to sing
While dreams played out
And came alive for me
A private stage inside my room
That only I could see
I'd hear them cheering loudly
Ringing clear and strong
I knew it would be real some day
On stage where I belong

I used to sing
For all to hear
Reveling in their praise
I used to think
I'd sing forever
Til the end of days
I never thought
I'd see the end
Or have it come so soon
I never thought
I'd feel the pain
Shot through me like a wound

And now I sing
Inside my head
And think of what I've lost
I know that now
I could be dead
But must I pay this cost?
To know I've lost it all so young
When I could have taken wing
Instead I hear inside my mind
The songs I used to sing

Caitlin Coleman, June 20, 2003