I yelled at her!
I practically screamed in her face!
Grr, how can I be so stupid as to yell at an
She only asked me to play with her
And I screamed "No!"
I'll bet it resounded in her ears
Long after.
As she walked away
Stuffed bunny in hand
Head bowed
Holding back tears.
I knew she was crying.
I heard her sniff.
I saw her face break down.
All she asked was for her big sis to play.
It wasn't a big request.
She didn't ask me to buy her something.
She didn't ask me to take her someplace.
Or even read her a story.
Which she knows I hate doing.
She just came up to me
With big brown eyes
Clinging to her stuffed animal
Said meekly,
Will you play with me?
And with a cold, unfeeling heart
I shouted No
As if she couldn't hear me
As if she didn't know I was going to say that
She tried and I'm the one
Who failed.