When you fall in love it will be forever

Authors' notes:

Chris: Hey everybody if you don't know who I am let me introduce my name as Chris even tough that's not my real name it's my pen name so basically this
story is about two guys who fall in love.

Joey: Hey everyone! I'm doing this project with Chris, because we decided it would be fun. I'm liking the story so far and I hope you do too. Anyway, this is a yaoi (male/male) story, so just making sure you've been warned,
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I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want her lies, I didn't want her pain. But, it seemed I was asking for them, by the way I was behaving myself. Taking all of my courage I entered her bedroom. I saw her lying on the floor just as I imagined: Her face stained from crying and Clarissa's letter on her hand.

"Nathan I told you not to do that again!" She wept, but anger took over her when I got closer.

"Sorry Kirsten but I had too" It was the only answer I could come up with. I wouldn't lie to her anymore, though I didn't not know why I had proposed to Clarissa.

"Why?" She asked, not meeting my eyes, but watching the letter again, softly weeping as she sniffed onto a napkin. Her soft blue eyes all red because of her tears. It was at the time I saw her eyes. So beautiful and yet so full of pain. At that moment it hit me! I did that because of her. I was to scared of rejection so I made myself believe I was in love with someone else, and not with her. I finally knew! And I did the only thing I wanted to do the first time I saw her. I kissed her lips so gently and lovingly. She returned the kiss and we soon came to a warm embrace. We stood there for a second, and then I was able to say it: "Because I love you very, very much."

"CUT!!!!!!!" yelled the director. "That is a wrap everyone! Great job! Amy, Mike, you guys.are.the best.simply the best. I guarantee this movie is going to be an absolute hit! I'd bet my life on it!" He said to us, after Amy and I separated and went to the snack table. I was tired, but finally, we ended shooting the movie. "It doesn't matter if it is a hit or not, as long as I get a lot of money for it!" Amy squealed putting on her sunglasses and taking a bottle of tapped water from the snack bar. "Well, I agree with you Archie. This must be your best movie ever, and I'm really happy I'm in it!" I said smiling at him. He was a really nice fellow. "Thanks Mike." He said patting me on the shoulder. "I'm sure it will be." I smiled at him again and then I made my way through the set and outside the building. I needed to get some fresh air.

I relaxed sitting on a bench, lighting a cigarette. I watched many people walking around the sets and the studio carrying the car that was supposed to be destroyed in the movie. Man! All these people at 11 pm on a Monday? Well.that's showbiz. "So here's the man of the hour!" A blonde haired came to me. She was my agent Jessica. I called her J and sometimes Jess.

"Hey J. I totally hate you right now" I said to her, though my voice sounded calm and casual.

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry! I said I wouldn't miss the last shooting but I couldn't get out of the meeting! I'm sorry Mikey honey." She apologized to me. She works really hard and we are really good friends so I can't stay mad at her. "Besides I know you very well, and you are not mad at me"

"What makes you think that?"

"You call me Jessica whenever you are angry.you just called me J"

"I am angry at you" I lied, "besides, I'm really tired, sleepy, and I needed some fresh air"

"Fresh air? You are smoking Mike!" she said giving me her stern look.

"I'll try to quit next week! I promise! I just couldn't quit right now because of that horrible, exasperating woman!"

"Amy?" "Yeah! She's horrible! I'm surprised there was chemistry between us. Must mean I'm a really good actor to be able to kiss those horrible, spoiled lips of her"

"Aww come on.she's not that bad"

"Are you kidding me? She's worse! She has the worst temper, and she always thinks about money. She doesn't like acting at all!" I said grumpily taking another cigarette out.

"That's enough" Jess said to me

"You actually like her?" I asked shocked

"I meant that's enough nicotine for one day. And as a matter of fact, I think she's really beautiful and talented."

"Wait.you're hiding something. You don't like her at all! Remember when she fired the make-up lady for a little stupid mistake? What are you hiding from me Jess?" I asked worried of what I had to do next.

"Well.she actually came to me personally to ask for something."

"Lemme guess..money?"

"No. She wants to..umm..sh-she wants" she stuttered. Whenever she was nervous she stuttered. "She w-wants to go to-to the p-premiere with you"

I was in total shock. "What????!!!" I shouted. "That can't be. I mean, I hate her and she wants to spend the whole day with me? Ughh! I can't even stand her for more than 1 hour!"

"But it would really make a good impression on the audience, and I bet the critics would give better reviews!" Jess tried to explain.

"I can't Jess. I won't" I said pouting "Besides, my boyfriend is going with me to the premiere remember? I already asked Cody and I won't ditch him to go with some rich slut"

"Please, please, please?" she pleaded.

"No. I won't do it Jess. Not with that woman" I answered coolly. I just wasn't going to let that happen.

"Okay.it's two weeks 'til the premiere. Will you think about it?" She asked grabbing my arm with both her hands and pouting.

"Not even the cute sad puppy-dog face will work this time. It won't be happening J. I mean it" I answered standing up and stretching.

"Come on! You can take her and I'll take Cody" she tried to make a deal.

"Nope. Besides, he's my boyfriend, not yours."

"Come on Mikey! Please? And then I won't bother you for a whole 3 months!" She said "Will you at least consider it?"

"Yeah yeah.just take me home. I need to sleep." I said rubbing my temples. My head hurt at the mere thought of standing that woman for a whole day.

"Okay. Let's go." she said smiling and took her car keys out of her purse.

"See you tomorrow!" Jess waved goodbye and then drove off.

I took my house keys out of my pocket and unlocked the door. I went in and turned on the lights. It was a really nice house, and I loved it, since I had bought it and everything in it with my own well-earned money. It was big and spacious and I had everything I needed there. I made my way through the living room, to my own room and let myself fall on my bed. I rested for a second and then I gazed over at the answering machine. Two messages:

Message one: Hey Babe, your sweetheart here. I miss you.Call me when you get home okay? Doesn't matter what time. Love you Mike, bye - Beep. Message two: Mr. Burlington are you that busy to never call your sister? Well, I hope you are busy and not just ignoring me, eh? Anyway Mikey, you need to come to meet my fiancé this Saturday, so don't forget, okay? Call me later, okay? Bye -Beep.

It was nice to hear from my sister Melanie again, though she would absolutely kill me if I called her this late. She hates being woken up, ever since she was young. But I could call Cody. He's always asleep when I call him, but hearing him makes me melt and I'm sure he does too. So I pick up the phone and dial his number.

"Hello?" A sleepy and groggy voice asks. "Hey love" I answer smiling as I imagine his face all cute when he's sleeping. "Oh.hey Mike. How was the shooting?" he asked me. I heard some noises. "It was really tiring, but that was the last scene so I'm done." "Hey.babe, that's great news!" he said, though he sounded strange "Are you all right?" I asked him "Yeah.I'm, I'm fine" he said quickly. A little too fast. This sounded really strange and suspicious. "Cody.tell me what's going on right now" I demanded thinking the worst, but at that moment, I realized it wasn't just my imagination. I heard another muffled voice. "Cody, babe, who is it?" I heard a man ask Cody. It took a while for me to process what was happening. And suddenly I became really angry. "No wait Cody.first answer me this: Who is the man you were sleeping with?" I shouted to him, thinking how stupid I was not to realize why he was acting so strange lately. "No.wait Mike.It's not what you think" He said trying to defend himself "I can explain." I was so angry at him! I was sooo sad. My eyes filled up with tears and they were already rolling down my face. "Explain it to someone who cares!" I shouted to him and I hung up. I laid on the bed again and cried, and that's when the sobbing came.

"What a horrible, horrible day." I said, and between that and more tears, I cried myself to sleep.

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