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"Yeah? Okay. Really? Thanks a lot! Yes Mr. Newking. Yes. I will tell him. The new one?" I heard Jess say from the balcony, outside my living room. She had a sleeveless t-shirt on, with some sky blue jogging pants and running shoes. She and I had been going to the gym, every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in the morning. We both had promised to keep really fit, so we registered at the local gym. "Yes Mr. Newking. I will tell him. Ok, goodbye!" She said and then she hung up the cell-phone, taking the hands-free microphone and receiver off her blonde head.

"I have great news Mike!" She said excitedly, as she sat down next to me on the living room couch, where I was flipping through the channels on the T.V.

"Amy caught a strange type of flu, and lost her voice for like 10 months?" I asked joking, though really hoping it was true.

"No!" She said chuckling a bit. "I said great news, but not that great!"

"What is it?" I asked now, really curious to know what my boss and Jess' boss, Mr. Newking, had told her over the phone. She sounded really excited, so it must be a really good thing.

"That you and I are going on vacation to Paris!" She squealed happily, letting herself plop down on the couch.

"Really?" I asked in a whispery voice, hoping not to jinx it. She just nodded with excitement, and we both gave great shouts of happiness. "I can't believe it! It's awesome! I mean Paris! I can't wait to get there.....Think about it! We'll be able to go shopping, and we'll be able to dine really fancy and all!" I started thinking about all the things Jess and I would do at Paris.

"It'll be just like last time!" She said moving her hands up and down. "Though we need to do one little thing before we go there." She said, still excited, though now with a serious tone in her voice.

"I knew it was too good to be true!" I said dramatically, and lunged myself to the other couch, pretending to cry on a cushion.

"We have to go to England first, for a press conference that you'll be doing for the premiere of your movie, on the United Kingdom." She said, taking her clipboard out of her purse and scribbling madly on it. "Mr. Newking is giving us a fully-paid vacation after we do this, because of the really high reviews this movie has had. The press here in the U.S. gave awesome reviews about it, and the writers and producers are already thinking about a sequel for the year 2005. Imagine, all of that after just a week from the premiere? And of course Mr. Newking wants you to have a long vacation, before you work on another project."

"That's great! We'll be able to spend some time in England too! That means we'll be able to go visit Chandler there, and spend some time with him." I said to Jess who nodded with her head, still scribbling away on her clipboard.

"Anyway, we better get going. After the gym, we'll have to go freshen you up, since the photo session for Vogue is at 3:00." She said, looking at her clipboard and then at the watch on her wrist.

She took her purse and headed out the door. She got in the car and started it as I locked the door. I put the keys in my pocket and ran a bit to the car. Jess and I when travelling for non-business trips used her car, or sometimes mine. It was a bit risky to call for the company limo every time, due to the fact that paparazzi were everywhere, hungrily waiting for some celebrity to appear somewhere.

"We're gonna go pick up Travis and then go to the gym." She said, glancing at her right mirror, to check if any cars were passing by. Then she got out of the entrance of my house and we drove off.

"Travis? Travis as in your nephew?" I asked her puzzled, looking at the passing people and the beautiful houses out my window. Why were we gonna go pick him up? Not that I was complaining. He was very nice, and really sexy.

"Yes. Travis. He asked me if it was okay to go to the gym with us." She answered coolly and then took a left turn on a street, to head out to the highway.

"Great. Though I won't be able to exercise anymore" I said, faking a sad voice

"Why not? Did you not like him?!" She asked, as she turned her head to face me for a bit, and then she turned back to the road.

"I did like him, but I just won't be able to exercise with him there" I said, still with my sad voice.

"Why?" She asked even more confused.

"Because he was so hot the other day, I will just be goggling at him today too, and it will be very distracting!" I said with my normal voice again, laughing a bit. "Why didn't you tell me you had a really good-looking and extremely-kind nephew before?"

"I'm glad you like him, cause if you didn't I believe my life as a match- maker would be a complete failure." She said, all the time facing the road. I just stood there, gaping at what she had just said. She had started to speak again, but I interrupted her.

"Wait...Match-maker? You set me up with him? Does that mean he's....?" I asked her, not ending my sentence, but the message was clear.

"Yes I set you up with him. You see, he is really a good fellow. Bit of a posh, but kind and loving. He's had a hard life, since my brother kicked him out of the house when he told him and his mother he was gay. I tried talking to my brother about it, but that didn't help. I still totally supported Travis so I couldn't do anything else but help him. So I gave him some money, and lent him my apartment. When he published his book, he returned all of the money and bought his own house, due to the fact that his book was a hit and he got paid a lot of money." She said looking at the road, taking right and left turns here and there. Then she stopped the car because of a red light and meanwhile she proceeded with the story. "And then he had a relationship with a guy from England, but got broken-hearted when this guy told him he loved someone else." She said still driving, though her voice was now a bit sad. "He really is a nice guy, and has been looking for a loving boyfriend ever since he broke up with that English guy. And what better guy than you Mike!" She said smiling when she saw me blush, and then added "I'll tell you a secret. He really liked you that day at the premiere. He told me over the phone the next day."

I was really thinking what a good person Travis was. I mean, he was as young as I was, but he had gone through some really hard things. And yet, he was still a nice, kind person. "I really liked him too." I said smiling dumbly at space, watching houses and green blurs go past me, thinking about Travis.

The rest of the trip to Travis' house was in silence, both Jess and I listening to the soft music playing on the radio, each one immersed in their own thoughts. We finally arrived to his house, which was a really big and nice one. As soon as we parked, he came through the door of his house and waved at us. He then locked the door and walked to the car. Both Jess and I had gotten out of the car to greet him.

"Hey Aunt Jess!" He said as he kissed her on the cheek, Jess pulled him into a big hug after saying "How's my favorite nephew?" After Jess had released him he turned to look at me and smiled his million dollar smile. I couldn't help but goggle at him again, but I quickly composed myself as he came closer to me. I extended my hand to shake his, and he took it, but he too gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Nice to see you again Michael." He said, after the kiss, noticing my face going all red in embarrassment.

I don't know how he did it, but his kisses made my legs all wobbly. I thought I was going to fall, but thank god, I managed to keep standing up and to talk to him. "Good to see you too Travis." I blurted out, but he smiled again. "Shall we?"

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