[A/N]: This poem was written by my best friend, Nikki, for her boyfriend.
She's so happy with him, yet the absolute happiness she feels sometimes
moves her to tears. When she told her boyfriend this, he was kind of
confused. She wrote this in an attempt to explain it to him.

The Pain of Your Love

It's funny how I said
I would never put myself
Through the heartbreaking love I've felt
For another.
So I put up a shield but somehow
You've seen to break it
And now I just can't help
But love you
And now I can't stand not
To be held by you
And to not
Be with you
Do you know how hard that is?
That I'm actually in love
With you?
It kind of scares me but somehow
I feel safe when
I'm with you.
I know you would never
Hurt me
And that's why you made me happy
But I want to cry at the same time
Because us together just feels right
I don't what I ever would have done
Without you and
Your love.
But I do know one thing
I never want to
Be without you.