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Five years of unaccountable work are gone. Here I was in the Dimension of Darkness, studying their ways and secrets for five years. That was five years away from home, five years of endless scamming, hiding and research. Did it pay off? No, I was caught, thanks to my no good back stabber of a friend, who completely turned on me. There, I found that she was also secretly working for her own home. Boy was I feeling used right about now. Well, it wasn't the time to think about that. I'd get back to that later, that is if I could.

Lost? Let me explain. Since I was caught, I was taken to prison. They couldn't keep me there though, I knew too many of their secrets, and I could easily blackmail them. So instead, I was to be banished from this dimension, forever. And to be completely sure of that, they were going to ban me from every other dimension as well. How could they do this? Simple; death.

I had precisely one hour to get out of this mess. I would have been given less time, if it wasn't for a few of those high officials who I had scammed who insisted that they see me struggle out of this so called "torture chamber". I called it a chance to stall for time. After all, it took longer for someone to die that way. For now, I would have to play the part of a great escape magician, sort of like Houdini. Of course, my escape would have to be real rather than just some kind of illusion.

To be more exact, this torture chamber was one where they put the victim in this sealed glass-like box, and they slowly fill it up with water until the victim had drowned. This took less than an hour, but all the time they took preparing this took about 45 minutes. Pathetic, isn't it? I was lucky. Somehow, someone had tampered with the settings. Who knows? Their loss was my gain.

"Bring her over." I heard a voice say. I was then led to the "torture chamber" and placed inside. The security took all my weapons, or at least he attempted to. Instantly, I pulled back and took out my boomerang. For your information, my weapon was a boomerang with a razor sharp blade. Please don't laugh. It's really effective, and I talk from experience. I did all this after they had freed me from all those handcuffs and chains, and now, I was able to move freely about.

If you had been able to see me, it would have been like one of those action- type movies with a star character. In that case, it would be me. There were three guards and I was able to knock them all out. It was only temporary, but still.

Anyway, I should stop bragging about that. I darted out of the room and was encountered by two paths. Remembering the path I had taken to get in, I figured that it would be that pathway out. Quickly, I followed my decision. It seemed like a great break away. I was wrong. The next thing I knew, was I had two choices. The first one was to jump off this extremely tall building, and hopefully, I would be able to run away uninjured. That was unlikely. The other choice was to jump through a dark hole to who knows where. After calculating the odds of being most successful in escape, I took the second choice and jumped into the hole. This seemed ok until I figured out it was a path to another dimension. Man was my backstabbing friend going to pay for this.

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