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I didn't know what to think, nor did I know what to say. The event of suddenly becoming a mother was too much for me. I didn't even know if that was true. Come to think of it, how could it be? I didn't remember having a child.

"How is this possible?" I asked Cam, who seemed to be looking for something at the moment. Cam pulled out a book and opened. She then handed it to me and indicated the section to read. There, in my writing, it stated,

*****I am exhausted, yet so excited at the same time. After giving birth to Sydney, I could see a brand new future, lifestyle, and career for Blake and me.*****

I stopped reading. I didn't remember writing what I just read, but it was my writing, no doubt about it. I was speechless, and very confused.

Cam must have noticed so she asked, "What more do you need as proof?" I turned the page in my journal and found Sydney's birth certificate. Blake and I were indeed the parents, but I was still in disbelief.

"I demand an explanation from my own agency." I stated to Cam. "I have no clue why you're telling me this but I want an answer from an agency that I can trust."

"As you wish," Cam replied, "But I'm going to leave Blake here just to be safe. I don't want you guys escaping on me." I turned to Blake. He nodded and so Cam accompanied me as I went bake to my dimension.

We first entered the agency building. The, Cam pulled me into an empty room. In shock and surprise, I exclaimed, "What do you think you're-"

"Sssh!" Cam closed the door. "You think you can trust your agency, well, let me tell you something, you can't.

"And this is coming from my rival that happens to work for a different dimension." I said sarcastically.

"Look, I just think you ought to know." Cam calmly told me.

"To know what?" I asked, still clueless.

"That after all those years of serving your agency, you've been back- stabbed.

"I still don't get it." I told her, this time, not being sarcastic.

"Then let me put this as straight forward as I can. You were brainwashed. That was after you had your child."

Currently, there was so much new information going through my head. I didn't know what to believe, or who. "You're lying! This is all a lie. If anyone were brainwashing me that would be you trying to put all that junk in my head. My agency would never do this to me. I just know it."

"Or would they?"

"Stop that! You're messing with my head. I don't want to hear anymore from you. Let me talk to the record keeper."

"Okay, who is the record keeper?"

"Hmmm, I don't really know." I was surprised at my answer. Usually, I would be able to answer any question about my agency; this one only ended up as a blank.

"I can tell you."

I was surprised. "How would you know? You're not even from this dimension."

"Or so you think." She snapped back.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm the record keeper. That's right. I know your past, I know your missions, your plots, plans, schemes, faults, weaknesses, interests, everything really. No offense, but I can read you like a book, literally."

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