My Trouble

As i try hard to calm it down,
There is a way he will make me frown,
So i go to my room and try to die,
So i can reach heaven up at the sky,
Cause im sick and tired of his ways,
And i cant stand it for another day,
So is it easier to die now than later,
To reach god our creator,
I try to talk it out with some friends of mine,
Cause some of them dont want me to die,
I think i am sick cause off all of this,
Life is something i can not miss,
But if all of this trouble keeps going on,
I may die at the crack of dawn,
But i will try and not do it one more time,
Cause suicide is a personal crime,
So its good i have friends to talk it out for another day,
Or i might not be alive to see you guys today.