What a lovely day
Ah it's so peaceful
So colourful and gay
A little turtledove is loitering around the soil
A little sound
Makes it recoil
The sun is shining on my face
It's so warm
It sure beats the fireplace
The wind is of a slight breeze
I inhale
And let out a wheeze
A plane buzzes by
Oh look! I see a butterfly
Jumping around I try to catch
And it flies around
The veggie patch
The smell of the air is so pure
So fresh
Mixed with the scent
Of chicken manure
A worm in the soil wiggles and shakes
I watch
While a lizard crawls over
And has a bake
The atmosphere is so serene and calm
I'm just sitting here
Looking at my grandma's
Mini farm

100% copyrighted by me