In the grass a little mouse walks
In its tracks a rattlesnake stalks
The mouse happily walks without a care
But with a snake on its tail, it had better beware

The snake silently stalks its unknowing prey
It has been looking for this meal all day
The snake knows that supper is soon
As it slithers closer to the mouse guided by the moon

The mouse stops to sniff a seed
Warning signs of danger it does not heed
A strike, a bite, fangs sink deep into the mouse's back
The mouse takes off running into the night of black

The rattlesnake coolly watches as the little mouse flees
As the mouse slows down and falls to its knees
It lies there on a grass bed
Seconds tick by until it is dead

The snake eats the mouse in two seconds or three
And smiles to itself with glee
Even though the meal was meek
It still doesn't have to eat for another week

Full and content it starts back to its lair
But comes across a unknowing small hare
Again the rattlesnake stalks
In the tracks of where the hare walks
But the hare turns around in time to see the snake and flees
The snake decides to let it free

Back to its den it creeps
For it is late and the snake wants to sleep
Into its lair it goes and curls up tight
Waiting to hunt another night


((Rabid Ostrich's Notes: This was an assignment for 8th grade. I personally have a pet snake, Sneaky (Pueblan Milksnake), who inspired me at the time. I hate being forced to write, it irritates me.))