Why do you have to go back on what you say?
Why do you have to turn your back on me?
Why did you have to give into it?
Why did you have to be a hypocrite?
Why in the fuck have you become this?
Acting like you just don't give a shit,
Where did the old you venture off to?
It's a shame I still give a damn about you.
You've left me here writing about something so dumb,
It sounds so childish, a feeling so numb,
What more can you possibly do,
Before I give up my hope on you?
It's a feeling of apathy in my heart,
A feeling of nothing, 'cause we're worlds apart,
I thought you'd be true, to yourself,
But I was wrong; you're someone else.
I said that you were like a brother,
But brothers don't do this to each other,
You've betrayed my trust; you've betrayed my heart,
You're slowly tearing our friendship apart.