A bloody lilac dress

Everyday I hear the whispers and I see the tears fall from her face
I cried as I watched her brother raise the gun
The blood dripped from her dress- it was lilac with lace
They made him into a man at eight
I'm angry with what he's done, but I still love my son
It was an accident, bu it shouldn't have happened!

Her blood is thick like mine, it is type O
The doctor said my blood saved her, as if it eased my woe
She could have died, had he not known where the rifle was kept
I blame his drunken father, so careless and inept
These things though they look like fun gizmos sleek, and black and cool
Parents, teach your kids about gun control in schools.

AN: I am not a parent, but I believe in gun control. Every year many children are killed because they have been playing with guns given to people that are careless, and would leave them within easy access of children. I believe in stricter laws preventing such a thing from happening.